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A Stepmom Taking A Photo Of Her Husband, His Ex & Their Daughter Makes A Scene When She Sees How He Looks At His Ex

Photo: TikTok
High school graduation TikTok

A video of a family celebrating their daughter's graduation descended into an awkward argument over a question many blended families can relate to — how close can you be with an ex before it is too close?

One family, however, saw their family drama broadcasted on a different stage than the one their daughter was graduating on — the viral “For You” page on TikTok.

Celebrating their daughter’s high school graduation, the family got together to take photos once the ceremony was over when things got a little tense and out of hand.

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The graduating girl's father was ridiculed by his wife for looking at his ex during the photo.

While graduating from Marshall High School in Texas, Desire Batton had her whole family in attendance, including her two biological parents who seem to have split up, and her dad’s new wife. After she walked across the stage and the ceremony was over, it was time for pictures with the new grad!

Desire stood posing with a stack of cash next to her mom and dad, ready for pictures to be taken with the many phones capturing the moment. One woman close to the person recording was calling for “Trey,” Desire’s father, to look at the camera before getting upset.

Photo: TikTok

“Trey are you going to look?” she asks, “You [aren’t going to] look at her like that, you [aren’t going to] do that.” Trey, standing next to his daughter can be seen looking to his left in a sweet manner, but it’s unclear who or what he’s looking at.

Once he’s called out by the woman taking the photos, he looks over, confused by what he’s being accused of. Trey’s ex also looks confused and even asks “Who?” wondering what’s going on and why she’s upset. Trey’s wife addresses her, saying that he was looking at her lovingly, to which his ex responded by being dumbfounded, looking at him with shock.

“The [baby mom] gave a second look like ‘baby I don’t want him,’” someone commented, pointing out Trey’s ex’s response was one with more disdain than longing.

But many people jumped to Trey’s defense, claiming that he wasn’t even looking at his ex but instead, was looking at his daughter and beaming with pride.

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The person who posted the video explained what happened in the comments where the woman was criticized.

“We all [were] lost, we really didn’t see HOW he looked at her, we saw an innocent proud father of his Baby girl graduating and her mom taking a pic. Got to be more careful,” they wrote in the caption but joined in the discourse in the comments section as well.

When someone claimed that they thought he was simply watching his daughter bask in the moment, they wrote “That’s what we all thought!” When another person much more simply wrote “That man was looking at his daughter,” they responded “Yep,” so it seems pretty clear that the consensus is he was looking at his daughter.

That didn’t stop people from criticizing the woman for the way she acted. Someone wrote, “She [isn’t] invited to [anymore] outings cause clearly she [doesn’t] know how to act.” Another person wrote, “She should be embarrassed saying this.



People pointed out how selfish it was for her to be concerned with something like that and cause a scene during Desire’s graduation. It should have been a time for celebration and to be around family, but instead, it turned into a tense and dramatic event. All we can do is hope that they talked about it afterward and Desire didn’t let it affect her day!

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