Why Voting In The Midterm Elections May Attract You More Matches On Dating Apps

Looking for love? Get out there and vote!

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There are plenty of reasons why you should vote in the upcoming midterm elections — and most of them are not related to your love life. 

You have the opportunity to have your say on the goings on in our nation, you can contribute to the changes you want to see happening in the country, and you can help make the world a better place.

But, if that isn't convincing enough, there are also some romantic benefits to casting your vote. 


Voting in Midterm Elections may attract more matches on dating apps. 

According to research conducted by OkCupid and Vote.org, those who vote in the midterm and local elections gain more matches on the dating app. 

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86% of nearly 3 million users of OkCupid are registered to vote. Last year, users who reported voting in midterm and local elections got 35% more matches and 26% more likes on the app than those who reported only voting in general elections. 


According to the research, the topic of politics is the biggest conversation starter and the biggest dealbreaker for most young daters.   

Additionally, the same users had 52% more conversations on the app compared to those who reported that they do not vote. 

OkCupid provides a series of questions for users to answer to ensure they receive the most ideal matches.

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The questions range from what their idea of a perfect date would be to their political beliefs.  

The app found that their matching questions related to politics and voting have been answered over 150 million times over the years. 


For the 2022 midterm elections, OkCupid has provided users with new questions surrounding the issues most relevant among politicians and voters to assist users in navigating through conversations. 

As of right now, nearly 8 in 10 users of OkCupid reported that they plan on voting in the 2022 midterm elections, and they are racking up the matches and likes. 

Those who plan on voting are seeing 31% more matches, 14% more likes, and 21% more conversations on the app. 

“Voter registration and engagement among Generation Z and Millennials is increasing across the country,” said Andrea Hailey, CEO of Vote.org.

“We’re proud to partner with OkCupid, which reaches millions of engaged young people seeking connection with others.” 


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“Daters on OkCupid are planning for their future, and so is Vote.org. Our democracy thrives when we connect and join together. Now, we’re excited to work with OkCupid to energize more young people as they make their plan to vote on or before November 8.” 

If you are seeking love and want your voice to be heard, go out and vote in this year’s midterm elections! 


Voting deadlines may vary depending on your state. For more information on voting, visit Everything You Need to Vote - Vote.org 

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