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Video Shows Ukrainian Farmer’s Touching Reaction To U.S. Veteran Clearing Landmines On His Land

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Ukrainian farmer, Ryan Hendrickson

In the wake of Russian President, Vladimir Putin’s threat to employ nuclear weapons against Ukraine, volunteers willing to assist at the frontlines are more crucial than ever. 

In addition to nuclear warfare, Russian soldiers have laid down an unclear number of landmines on Ukrainian soil, including farmland which many civilians rely on for food supply and income. 

One volunteer at the Ukrainian frontlines is working to clear these landmines to restore the safety and financial stability of farmers. 

U.S. Veteran Ryan Hendrickson is working to clear landmines on Ukrainian farmland. 

U.S. Army Special Forces veteran Ryan Hendrickson has years of experience dealing with landmines and other improvised explosive devices.

He is currently scoping through Ukrainian farmland in search of landmines to detonate. 

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One Ukrainian farmer was incredibly grateful for Hendrickson’s work and thanked him in a heartwarming video. 

“People ask me why I do what I do, this is his [the farmer’s] farm,” Hendrickson addresses his audience in the video, as the camera scans over numerous landmines that he and other volunteers collected on the property.

“This is half a day’s work,” he points out. 

The elderly farmer happily chats with and thanks Hendrickson and other volunteers on the site. 

Landmines can be devastating for farmers since they risk destroying their seasonal crops and harvest. 

“It’s heartbreaking,” Hendrickson says. “But if we can help him get his life back, then that’s why I’m here.” 

Hendrickson’s actions moved Internet users.

“A guardian angel for the people of Ukraine. We salute you,” one Twitter user responded to the video.

“Because of guys like you and Ukrainian soldiers they will win. I am sending lots of love and lots of thanks to you sir,” another user wrote. 

Hendrickson is a former member of the US Navy and Airforce.

He joined the Army in 2008 and served in various areas, including Iraq, Central America, and Afghanistan. 

He knows all too well the dangers of improvised explosive devices such as the landmines affecting Ukranian citizens.

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He accidentally stepped on one during a combat mission in 2010 attempting to help an Afghan soldier — the injury left his right foot mangled. 

After skin grafts and multiple surgeries, Hendrickson made a remarkable recovery and redeployed to Afghanistan in 2012. 

In August 2022, Hendrickson make the trek to Ukraine with a humanitarian group with to evacuate citizens from combat zones and distribute medical supplies.

His focus shifted when he realized the severity of the landmine situation. 

The explosives were left behind by Russian troops after they vacated the area, and posed an immediate danger to Ukrainian citizens. 

Over just four days, Hendrickson and his volunteer team pulled 304 mines from farmers’ fields

Hendrickson has uploaded several videos to his Youtube channel documenting his team’s success and efforts to clear farmland of explosive landmines. 

“I figured I can make quite a bit of difference doing what I’m doing without pulling a trigger, helping out the farmers and the civilians and all of that,” Hendrickson said in an interview with Task and Purpose. 

“People who come over here to fight, my hat’s off to them, be safe. My life revolves more around helping and trying to make a difference that way.”

Ukraine desperately needs our support in the face of this humanitarian crisis.

If you want to help provide medical supplies and emergency care to the people of Ukraine, you can donate to the Ukrainian Red Cross here or to United Help Ukraine here. 

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