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5 Vital Ways You Can Help The People Of Ukraine

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Protest in solidarity with Ukraine

As Russia continues their horrifying military invasion in Ukraine, a humanitarian crisis is unfolding.

At least 130 people were killed during the first day of attacks on Thursday, February 24 but many more lives have already been forever altered.

As we watch the people of Ukraine desperately try to flee west, take refuge in makeshift bomb shelters and run for their lives while leaving theirs home behind, we must do what we can to show our support.

Here are some of the ways you can help people in Ukraine during the Russian invasion:

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1. Donate to Ukrainian humanitarian aid organizations.

Ukrainian people have put together a helpful guide of organizations seeking aid for medical supplies and more. Here are some of the ways you can donate:

People In Need are providing aid to over 200,000 people on the ground by providing food packages, emergency shelter, safe access to drinking water, hygiene items, and coal for heating. 

Donate to People In Need here.

International Medical Corps are providing emergency medical care as well as mental health and psychological support on the ground in Ukraine.

The organization has said that preventing the spread of Covid-19 is also at the top of their list of priorities as they seek to help displaced people.

Donate to International Medical Corps here.

United Help Ukraine is focused internally in Ukraine and disseminates donations of food, money and medical supplies to people impacted by the conflict and the families of wounded soldiers.

Donate to United Help Ukraine here.

2. Support the LGBTQ+ community in Ukraine

As a marginalized community who already experience so much discrimination, LGBTQ+ people in Ukraine are facing a massive threat to their lives in the face of the Russian invasion.

To ensure they are not left behind, OutRight Action International are raising necessary funds and offering a digital newsletter for free to help people stay informed.

Donate to OutRight Action International here.

3. Support Ukrainian journalism

As many citizens flee, Ukrainian journalists are braving the conflict to provide much-needed information about what is happening in Kyiv and across the nation.

The Ukrainian World is an independent media company providing live updates on the ongoing crisis.

You can support their Patreon here.

The Kyiv Independent was established after an entire staff of writers was fired from the Kyiv Post in November 2021 for, in their words, “defending editorial independence.”

You can support The Kyiv Independent on GoFundMe here.

4. Stay informed by following the Ukrainian crisis on social media 

As so many of us keep up with the developing situation while watching from our phones, it can help to spread the word on social media.

Stand With Ukraine is a community-run Instagram account that does helpful roundups about the many different aspects of the crisis.

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CNN’s Matthew Chance is stationed in Kyiv and is providing live updates on Twitter documenting events as they unfold. 

Chance’s colleague Frederik Pleitgen is providing similar coverage while being stationed in Russia, near the Ukrainian border.

Ukranians in Solidarity is providing information on Instagram that may be slightly easier to consume than lengthy news reports. The account was previously on the forefront of spreading the Black Lives Matter movement in Ukraine.

5. Attend a peace protest

Aside from tweeting and donating money, you can also show your support in person at one of many protests happening internationally. 

Stand With Ukraine has compiled a list of rallies being held internationally. Simply search your city and find one near you by clicking here.

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