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Video Shows Waitress Crying After Receiving $1300 Tip Just In Time For The Holidays

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It’s the season of giving and acts of kindness as the holidays approach! One waitress was caught completely off guard by a customer’s act of kindness which left her in tears.

In a video that was posted to the subreddit, r/HumansBeingBros, a waitress is filmed assisting a man and his party as they dine at a restaurant. 

The waitress received a $1,300 tip from one of her tables. 

At the start of the video, the man asks the waitress how much the biggest tip she ever received from a customer was. 

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She thinks about this question for a few moments before replying, “maybe like $100.” 

The man informs the waitress that he and his friends put some money together and that she was lucky they were seated in her section. 

He then asks to make a deal with her, which is that she must give some of the tip money she’s about the receive from the man to each of the cooks working in the back. 

“I can do that,” she promises the man. 

To the waitress’ complete surprise, the man pulls out $1,300 to tip her. 

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At first, she politely denies the money, telling the man that she cannot take such a high amount. 

The man encourages her to take it, and tells her to give $300 to the cooks while she keeps the remaining $1,000. 

The waitress bursts into tears of gratitude and embraces the man with a hug. 

“It’s too much money,” she weeps as the man stands up and pulls her in for another hug. 

He assures her that she can take it. “It’s almost Christmas, you got a baby coming,” he tells her before making her promise once again that she’ll give some of the money to the cooks. 

“Thank you,” she tearfully says to the man. 

Other Reddit users were touched by the man’s act of kindness. 

“What good humans. You guys made her day and I like that he didn't forget about the cooks. Anyone who has worked in a kitchen knows how hard that s–t is,” one user commented. 

“A few of us did that last year. The waitress was a younger single mom. She cried. It was awesome,” another user shared. 

“I'm not crying, it just rained inside my room,” another user wrote. 

“I work at Subway and was given an $80 tip last week. I almost cried myself,” another user revealed. 

This holiday season, remember to tip your wait staff and brighten their day! You may get a reaction as heartwarming as this waitresses’. 

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