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Video Shows Activists Drench Russian Ambassador With 'Blood' — Inside The Meaning Behind The Protest

Photo: Twitter / YouTube
Russian Ambassador Sergey Andreev

Anti-war protestors in Poland targeted a Russian Ambassador in response to the astrocities happening in Ukraine.

The incident occured during a May 9th Victory Day celebration, commemorating Soviet victory over Nazi Germany during World War II.

Sergey Andreev, the Russian Ambassador to Poland was out in public in Warsaw to honor the graves of Soviet soldiers when a viral video was taken of him and a crowd of protestors.

Video captured the moment the Russian ambassador to Poland was covered in fake blood by protestors.

Andreev was confronted by hundreds of pro-Ukraine protestors and blocked from reaching the graves by the crowd that surrounded him and his security team.

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Several cellphone videos of the incident have been making the rounds online, featuring Andreev and his team at a dead stop while the crowd steals the flower wreath and throws things at the Ambassador.

Among the things thrown at Andreev was splashes of red paint or fake blood, which covered his face and clothes, and even spread to several members of his entourage.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has responded to the incident.

The Russian government has tried to spin this and other protests to say that the favor of the European people is with a fictional Nazi leadership in Ukraine. Spokesperson Maria Zakharova said of the incident, “Admirers of the neo-Nazis have once again shown their face.”

The Foreign Ministry also claimed that Russia would not be scared by such demonstrations and that Europeans should instead be afraid, saying, “people of Europe should be scared to see their reflection in a mirror.”

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This appeal to anti-Nazi sentiment as some sort of twisted justification for the invasion of a country with a democratically elected, Jewish president is falling on deaf ears outside of Russia, along with their saber-rattling.

The people of Europe are not happy with the Russian invasion of Ukraine and they intend to make their voices heard.

Pro-Ukraine activists use fake blood and tractors to protest Russia’s invasion.

Following the discoveries of atrocities committed by the Russian government against civilians in the form of mass executions and indiscriminate shelling, protests against the invasion have only intensified.

A prevalent symbol used in these protests is fake blood, which protestors will pour on themselves or on important places, representing the blood of innocents. 

Another symbol of protests against Russia is the humble tractor, often seen dragging a tank. This is a symbol of Ukrainian resistance and one such example was even parked outside of the Russian Embassy in Warsaw.

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