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Ukraine Intercepts Phone Call From Russian Soldier's Wife Granting Him Permission To Rape Ukrainian Women

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Ukrainian soldier

Thanks to Vladimir Putin’s unjustified invasion of Ukraine, humanity has been reminded of the massive scale and the magnitude of the horrors that man is capable of committing in wartime.

Between the destruction of Mariupol and the mass graves filled with civilians in Bucha, the Russian war machine does not seem to discriminate.

It isn’t just Russian military planners or doctrine that is causing atrocities in Ukraine. War is the ideal environment for bad people to do horrendous things safely under the banner of their country, both when following orders and when acting on their own initiative.

An intercepted phone call seems to show a Russian woman giving her soldier husband permission to rape Ukrainians.

It sounds crazy because it is, there have been a lot of insane things that have come out of this war, usually not good, but this one is one of the worst. 

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It’s well known and documented that the Russian government is a totalitarian monster regime, but most have been able to separate the actions of a government from that of its people.

These are the sorts of situations that drive decades-long wedges between people.

In the call, the soldier can be heard discussing the prospect of raping Ukrainian women like it’s a totally ordinary thing to discuss. It’s difficult to say what’s more horrific, the soldier asking or his wife giving him permission.

The soldier’s wife tells him, “So, you go there, rape Ukrainian women and don’t tell me anything, understand?”

The two seem to giggle like school children talking about crushes while discussing the rape of innocent civilians in a warzone.

In case there was any doubt as to her meaning, the soldier actually asked her to give him explicit permission again later in the phone call, to which she responded, “Yes, I allow, but use protection.”

Multiple different sources have translated the same phone conversation to roughly the same result.

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The soldier heard in this call has not, as far as is evident at this time, been officially accused of rape.

There have already been many atrocities committed against civilians in Ukraine.

Between the mass graves discovered in Bucha and the bodies in the streets of Mariupol, the Russian government has, so far, completed none of their stated objectives in their invasion of Ukraine.

The only things that Putin has done are tell bold bald-faced lies to the world and succeeded in killing Russian soldiers, Ukrainian soldiers, civilians, and in proving the complete incompetence of the once-mighty Russian military.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine appears to be entering a new phase, now, following the Russian retreat from Kyiv and its regrouping in the East.

Ukraine will need further aid from the West and to be prepared for decisive open battles in the East of the country. And all the while as bureaucrats and oligarchs in the Kremlin wage their senseless war, civilians will be the ones to pay the highest price.

If you want to help the people of Ukraine, please donate to United Help Ukraine which is providing donations, food, and medical supplies to displaced Ukrainians.

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