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Kids Read Their Cheating Father's Texts To Other Woman In Front Of Him & Their Mother

Photo: @kingway2valid / TikTok
Wife confronting husband about text messages

Marital affairs don’t just affect the husband and wife involved — when children are put in the mix, the pain and betrayal of a cheating parent are compounded.

A TikToker by the pseudonym of King recently shared part one of a video where a man’s teen daughters confronted him about inappropriate texts to other women they found in his phone.

The video opens with a young woman reading her cheating father’s text messages.

The daughter who reads the messages is sitting directly between her parents. Another woman sits on the floor next to beside the man's wife, as everyone listens intently to what he has been up to in his spare time.

He sits in stunned silence as one daughter reads an incriminating conversation between him and another woman out loud.



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His daughter, Ashley, holding the camera yells at him, “Don’t act like you don’t know what this is!”

The first conversation seems rather casual, but next, one of the girls reads another that states, “Truly miss your vibe. Thank you. It was a life we truly enjoyed, my dear.”

She continues reading as he and some unknown woman reminisce about times they spent together.

The TikToker never shares part two, but the full five-and-a-half-minute video can be viewed in the Reddit online forum, r/WatchPeopleDieInside.

The texts take an explicit turn, but the girl continues to read them word for word.

In addition, it seems that the unfaithful husband was sending the woman pictures of the home he shares with his family.

This is when the mother starts to confirm suspicions she already had about her spouse.

In a string of communication with yet another woman, the man seems to be setting up a date at a country club.

That person tells him, “I want to sit on you, but I’ll be patient and I’ll wait.”

This seemingly angers the young lady filming, and she repeatedly tells her dad, “You f-cked up.”

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He sits there silently and offers no explanation for the messages he exchanged.

The women in the family put two and two together and begin to realize that the correspondence happened while they were out of the country in Uganda.

As the hurtful message are being read, Ashley lashes out, screaming, “That’s f-cking disgusting!” threatening to break the TV.

One of the women implores Ashley to calm down, but her sister, off-camera says that she has a right to her feelings.

The texts take a vulgar turn when one of the women references the man’s genitalia, describing her intense desire for him.

The man tells that same woman he is jealous of someone else “cleaning her carpets” causing another irate reaction from his daughter, Ashley.

At this point, the man’s wife starts to understand that he has been dishonest with her.

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She starts asking about her prior suspicions and timelines for women he slept with.

The woman says, “So, this is the picture you didn’t want to show me?”

“I was just thinking about what you were not doing right. But God brings things in the light.”

She tells him she doesn’t trust him and reiterates that her intuition has warned her that something was not going right.

As she continues to express her feelings, the camera turns to the television set, where the man’s text messages are displayed in high definition.

His distraught daughter, Ashley, questions whether or not he really wants to be in the marriage to her mother, saying, “Dad, you’re ridiculous!”

“You should be ashamed of yourself.”

For the first time, the man attempts to speak up, telling his daughter that she still owes him respect as her father.

All of the women in the room begin talking at once, one person saying, “You are a cheater, and you need to listen.”

Ashley then admits, “You are not a father figure. You are nothing to me.”

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He looks on awkwardly as his family berates him.

Now another daughter stands up and says, “When I found out about this, it didn’t hurt me because I lost you as a dad fourteen years ago.”

She reveals that all of the sisters had known about his affairs several days ago but had waited to confront him.

Ashley starts crying, clearly very emotional about what her dad has done, and asks him, “Dad, you have nothing to say?”

The video ends with the man still dumbfounded as the women in his family comfort one another in the face of his devastating betrayal.

The video was reposted to Reddit, where most of the comments made fun of the father's silence.

Another person took issue with the video being put online for public consumption.

They commented, “Why post your family’s sad troubles online for all to see?”

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