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‘I’m White, I’m Automatically Better Than You’: Racist Man Threatens To Lynch Black Popeye’s Employees In Video

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Colton Norsworthy

There are a lot of smart and important conversations that still need to be had in the United States about critical social issues like race.

One Florida man in a Popeye’s was not interested in having any of those important conversations but was more than happy to pipe off with his thoughts about race. Specifically, his thoughts about Black people.

A racist man from Florida threatened to lynch black Popeye’s employees in a viral video.

The video in question was filmed by an employee of the Florida Popeye’s location and begins shortly after some sort of argument had started between a white customer and another employee.

Warning: This video contains vulgar and offensive language and violent threats.

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In the video, the customer, 32-year-old Colton Norsworthy, appears to be upset with the Popeye's employees and claims that the employee holding the camera called him a cracker.

After Norsworthy claimed that the employee called him a cracker, the manager simply asked Norsworthy “And what did you call her?”

This was, apparently, too much for Norsworthy, and he lashed out at the manager, saying. “I called her a f-cking n***** after she called me a cracker.”

The manager that was initially speaking to Norsworthy then walks out of frame after trying to deescalate the situation and seeing that Norsworthy was beyond any sort of reason.

Colton Norsworthy launched a racist tirade against the Popeye's employees.

Norsworthy continued to hurl racial slurs at the employees, primarily targeting the employee that was holding the camera and recording the tantrum.

In response to the verbal assault, the employee responded to the enraged man by repeatedly calling him a cracker and later calling him fat.

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Now, while it is certainly fair to say that the employee shouldn’t have been egging the angry Norsworthy on, Norsworthy continued to escalate the situation, until the argument went from a one-sided screaming match to death threats.

Norsworthy said that he would lynch the Popeye’s employee.

Norsworthy threatened to lynch the Popeye’s employee, saying, “Imma hang you from a f-cking tree, b-tch.”

While Norsworthy continued his tirade, now including very real bodily threats, the employee boldly stood her ground, but the racist man’s criminal past makes his threats sound more and more like a real possibility.

It turns out that Norsworthy has a violent criminal past.

In 2014, the racist man was charged with felony domestic battery by strangulation, obstructing justice, and tampering in felony third-degree proceedings for strangling his partner.

If there was a moral to this story, it would be to be careful when dealing with irrational strangers, you never know who has a history of actually strangling people.

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