Video Of Teacher Allegedly Threatening Students With Golf Club & Verbally Assaulting Teen Draws Criticism

It is the task of teachers to uplift kids, not to have tantrums.

Southwest Onslow High School sign and Cimayiah Josey Youtube

Society has come a long way in terms of how we handle, treat, and educate our children. Gone are the days of wrapping a child on their knuckles with a ruler or having immature outbursts at children.

Well, it seems one Southwest Onslow High School staff member didn’t get the memo.

A North Carolina teacher resigned after getting into hot water over a viral video that showed him berating students.

The video was recorded by a sophomore at the school by the name of Cimayiah Josey.


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According to the student, the class began normally enough, with the teacher issuing a quiz on the topics that the class had been learning. However, things would very suddenly take a turn for the worse.

When the teacher told his students to put away their phones and computers so that they could take the quiz, one of the students made a snarky remark in response.


Now, snarky remarks are pretty par for the course for teenagers, particularly early in the morning, and might warrant a warning or some gentle correction.

Josey also mentioned that the student and the teacher typically had a joking relationship, and the response wasn’t at all out of the ordinary.

The teacher launched into a tirade at the students.

Josey started recording after the teacher reportedly started yelling at the student and using inappropriate language. That was when the teacher turned his sudden rage on Josey.

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The teacher berated Josey and the rest of the class, using some oddly specific words to describe their futures, saying, “You can go through life and live on the system. Draw your paycheck on the 1st and the 15th from my taxes and live just an absolute horrible life. I don’t care. You can be another statistic.”


While the whole tirade was inappropriate, Josey was especially bothered by the above comment, saying, “I felt like what he was saying was wrong. I felt like it was racially motivated. It was disrespectful.”

Reportedly, the teacher got so mad that he threw a book on the ground and hit the floor and a desk with a golf club.

The teacher resigned from his position shortly after the incident.

After submitting his resignation, the teacher no longer works at Southwest Onslow High School and the school has since released a statement regarding the incident, “In the Onslow County School system, we expect only the highest standards of behavior from our students and staff, and that we treat every member of our school family with dignity and respect."

"The type of behavior exhibited in this situation will not be tolerated and is certainly not representative of the employees of Southwest High School, or any other employees who work in our district.”


It is the task of an educator to uplift and set an example for their students, not to throw insane tantrums and go on rants about how they won’t amount to anything in their lives.

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