UberEats Driver Makes Delivery In 'Power Wheelchair' While Customer Says 'I Admire The Hustle'

She's committed to her job!

UberEats driver, wheelchair, food delivery TikTok @kelvinruo1 / TikTok 

When most of us order UberEats food deliveries, we imagine our orders being dropped off by delivery drivers in their cars.

However, what about deliveries made via motorized wheelchairs?

One customer was surprised after placing an order on UberEats and his “driver” arrived in an unexpected form of transportation.

The man recorded the UberEats driver dropping off his order in a ‘power wheelchair.’ 

In a TikTok video that has been viewed over 2 million times, the customer named Kevin shares his delivery “driver” experience.


The short clip depicts Kevin and a friend standing in a driveway awaiting their Uber Eats order. 

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As they approach the street, a woman can be seen controlling a motorized wheelchair. 


She pulls into the driveway, with Kevin’s food order in hand.

The boys gather beside the wheelchair to collect their delivery. 

“That time when my UberEats delivery driver rolled up in a power wheelchair,” Kevin wrote in the text overlay of the video. 

He emphasizes the fact that the journey was no easy task for the woman.

“It took her 40 minutes to get there, the food was cold, but I admired the hustle!” he captioned the video. “She earned a generous tip.” 

TikTok users applauded the woman for her dedication to her job despite her obvious struggles. 

“Nothing wrong with that! She is an example of 'If want, you can!' No excuses,” one user commented.


“She is making money the best she can. RESPECT goes out to you ma’am!” another user wrote. 

“Works harder than half of the people I know!” another user shared. 

“If there's a will, there's a way! she rocks!” a fourth added. 

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Other users expressed their sympathies for the woman. 

“That person needs a go-fund-me page. They shouldn’t be putting themselves in danger,” one user wrote, noticing the icy conditions on the road. 

“I feel for her, wish we could all be happy,” another commented. 

“We should fund her a vehicle with hand controls, she could take more deliveries, even work for Uber,” another user suggested.


Others believed that the woman was doing her job and did not want to be overlooked despite her disabilities. 

“I’m sure she doesn’t want sympathy, she probably only takes orders close to home,” one user suggested.

“I do this hustle every day from my power chair. Just because we are crippled doesn't mean our life stops,” another user shared. 

One thing is for sure, and that is this woman’s underlying dedication to her job.


We hope she continues to receive generous tips in the future for all of her hard work!

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