Woman Shares Video Catching 19-Year-Old Woman In Bed With Her 13-Year-Old Son

So inappropriate!

mother catches 14-year-old son and 19-year-old woman in bed TikTok

This mother was left shocked after she caught her 13-year-old son doing something no mom wants to happen to their teen.

Sharing her story on TikTok, the mom captures her shock and horror as she kicks out a woman who she found in her son's bed.

In the TikTok video, the mom catches her 13-year-old son with a 19-year-old woman in his room.



In the viral video, the TikToker confronts the 19-year-old woman, warning her that she should know better than to hang out with minors and asking her to leave her home.


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She further tells her that she was wrong as she was a grown woman while the boy was just in middle school, almost 14 years old. 

The concerned mom clarified the situation in a later TikTok, explaining that she was at home with her kids on a Saturday morning when she noticed her son's door was locked. 

"He typically sleeps with his door locked, it's not an issue for me," she explains, noting that if she needed to get in she would be able to.

She also explains that she saw her son in the morning after asking him to watch his siblings while she ran to the gas station so she was unaware he had a guest.




Later, when she went to her son's room to speak to him, she noticed a girl was lying under the covers.

"I'm flabbergasted because he has never done [anything] like this before," she says, explaining that she gave the girl a chance to leave, not realizing that she was 19.

However, upon reflecting for a few minutes, mom then decided that she would talk to the girl's parents, still assuming she and her son were a similar age.


"I go back to his room and home girl's still in the bed," she says.



The mother then proceeded to ask her whether her parents knew she was still there.

The woman then responded with an affirmative answer while mentioning that she lived with her older siblings, this is when the mom realizes that her son is not haging out with someone his own age.


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After confirming that the woman is 19, the mother expressed her shock while arguing with her about how inappropriate this is. She then called the woman out to the living room, however, didn’t appreciate her attitude. She said, “She was responding like a child.”

After having a conversation with the woman, the mom once again asked her to leave the house. The mother then posted another video continuing her story.



She explained that the woman eventually left but the mother later called the police.


The police gathered all the information about the woman and left. The mom then mentioned that she had a conversation about this with her son.

She said, “I definitely did my due diligence as a parent to make sure that she knew how I felt, my son knew how I felt and that the police are involved.”

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