Mom Confronts Man Allegedly Sneaking Into Her Yard To Approach Her Daughter

There were "NO TRESPASSING" signs.

Stranger trespassing TikTok TikTok

A woman experienced a troublesome encounter at her home while she was cleaning the porch of her yard.

In a two-part video posted on TikTok by the father of the child, the concerned parents showed what happened after a stranger walked onto her property without permission.

In the TikTok video, a stranger approaches her daughter while she plays in the yard.

Part one shows the mother cleaning her porch with a description reading, "Stranger enters my yard without permission! Goes straight for my kid." 


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It is difficult to see, but the video uses an emoji finger point to show that the stranger was near a play set before he slowly began to walk up the front yard and approach the child.



Comments on the first part of the video ranged from sympathetic to critical.


Some users blame the mother for failing to keep an eye on her daughter, while others defended the mother knowing that she only turned her back for a moment. 

One user responded, "I'm on the mom's side. I am one of those that never took my eyes off my child but in this situation when you're in your own yard. You should expect safety!"

In part two, the stranger revealed why he walked onto their property.

In part two, while we do not know what occurred when the stranger approached the woman's daughter, we see the stranger cutting through the yard when the mother takes notice and asks what the man was doing.

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The stranger claims he was trying to get to the other side of the neighborhood.

The mother responds by saying, "You don't need to cut through my private property while my daughter is in the yard."

"It's called trespassing. I would have done the same thing mama. My husband on the other hand idk," one user replied.


Many are unsure about the reality of the situation because of the transition in the video — the man approaches their daughter and then the video cuts to him walking to the other side.

Some users think the mother was overreacting.

Comments on both videos have their fair share of criticism, with some saying the mother overreacted by calling the police.

Others have accused the mother of being a racist for calling the police. 


"People are saying she's a racist and that's why... No, he shouldn't be walking through HER yard. Even if the child wasn't there She would've said the....," one comment read. 

"As a parent idc about race, gender or anything. If you're someone idk walking through MY yard coming towards my kid, you'll be lucky to only get a cop cl," another commented. 

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