Woman Who Interrupted Husband’s Livestream After He Forgot To Feed Their Baby Asks If She Went Too Far

That's some bad parenting.

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After a man forgot to feed his 7-month-old daughter, his wife interrupted his live stream to scold him. 

However, she thought that she may have gone too far as she posted to Reddit’s AITA (r/AmItheA--hole?) thread to get strangers' opinions.

AITA is a thread on Reddit where people can post about their situations and internet users give their opinions or advice.

The man forgot to feed his daughter because he was live streaming to his YouTube channel.

The woman explained that her husband has had a YouTube channel for a while now. 


She mentioned that her husband would regularly interact with his followers before their daughter was born.

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After their daughter was born, however, he didn’t have time to live stream so he asked his wife whether he could do one.

The woman told him they will have to look at their schedules and see what can be worked out.

One day, when the woman was out grocery shopping, her husband was supposed to be watching their daughter. 

She wrote, “I was gone for [4 hours] but kept calling him to see if everything was OK. He'd tell me she was alright and that she was sleeping.”


She warned him that their daughter should probably be hungry by now but he insisted that everything was alright. 

After the woman went home, she saw that her daughter had been left unattended.

She wrote, “I went into the bedroom and saw that my daughter was awake and her diaper wasn't changed...and worse was that her bottle wasn't even touched.”

In anger, the woman interrupted her husband’s live stream.

After tending to her daughter, the woman went to her husband.

His office door was closed, so she figured that he was still doing his live stream. 

The woman barged into his office and started yelling at him for neglecting his daughter for his live stream. 


The man kept insisting that she stop yelling at him as he was in the middle of his live stream but she kept on going.

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She wrote, “He freaked out on me saying I just ended his entire channel and destroyed his fan base for interrupting his live stream and embarrassing and scandalizing him like that.”

When the man was on the verge of tears during their fight, the woman left the room.

After that, however, the couple kept on fighting until the woman decided to go to her mother’s place with her baby.

After a while, the man insisted that the two come back as he missed his daughter.


This led the woman to think that she might have been wrong to interrupt her husband's live stream.

Redditors mentioned that the woman had every right to do what she did.

People heavily criticized the man for ignoring his daughter just because he wanted to live stream.

They thought that his choices don’t reflect being a good parent.


One user wrote, “He could have even streamed while [the] daughter was asleep and then got off when she woke up. He chose the worst of everything.”

Another user wrote, “If I EVER caught my husband doing that, I'd be reevaluating the marriage; A child's well-being and safety should be his first priority, not worrying about his subscribers.”

Another person commented, “He also had the door closed, so he couldn‘t see or hear the baby. Safety is definitely the issue.”

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