McDonald’s Worker Shares Video Of Woman Climbing Through Window To Make Food After Being Denied Service

You're not you when you're hungry.

woman climbs in McDonalds drive thru window TikTok

One woman with a serious craving for some McDonald's food decided to take matters into her own hands by asking staff to show her how to make her order.

We're all guilty of acting out of the ordinary when we're hungry but this really takes the cake — or in this case, the Big Mac.

In a TikTok video, the woman is seen climbing through a McDonald's window to make her own food.

The video, which was originally recorded and shared by a McDonald’s employee, shows the woman insisting that she is here for "training."


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In the caption of the video, the poster explains that staff originally told the woman that they were not taking any more orders because the location had no gloves.


The woman also appears to have walked to the drive-thru window as there is no car visible in the video.

"She's not playing, she wants to make her own food," the text on the video further reads as the staff members react in shock to the woman entering the kitchen.

“Do you give me permission to learn with you? It’s a training thing,” the woman is heard telling a manager who approaches her.

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"It's my first day of training and I came inadequately dressed. So you're not held responsible for my first day of training," she says, attempting to justify the obvious breach of every code of conduct McDonald's has ever had.


The other employees were yelling with laughter during this humorous exchange between the woman and the manager.

TikTokers saw the humor in this situation.

Viewers of the video joined in with these reactions, sharing their shock and plenty of laughing emojis in the comments.

One user wrote, “The workers laugh and scream while running away from her made me laugh extremely hard, I can’t even.”

Another user wrote, “I love how everyone just goes along laughing instead of calling cops lol (sic).”

Many people were convinced that the woman’s actions were purely a result of her being intoxicated so they understood that nothing beats McDonald's when you're drunk!


Others noted that the woman's behavior, while hilarious, it disrespectful to the hard-working staff.

One person wrote, “That was entitlement. I would've called the cops. If a business is closed, it's closed.”

Another person commented, “When people just can’t take no for an answer.”


One person commented, “Honestly, this is how [white] girls expect to be catered to by POC and it’s sad. She doesn’t care those [people] can lose their jobs.”

Unfortunately, the question a lot of viewers had still has not been answered — did the lady ever get her food?

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