Woman Who Faked Pregnancy Bump To Get A Seat On A Packed Train Divides Internet After Sharing Her Trick

That doesn't sound safe.

woman pretends to be pregnant to get seat on train TikTok

A woman's hack for ensuring she always gets a seat on the train has gone viral on TikTok with viewers sharing their mixed reactions.

Ailish Morrison shared how she has used her unique ability to quickly expand her stomach with air in order to trick fellow train passengers into giving her a seat.

She pretends to be pregnant so she will be offered a train seat.

"No seats available?" she writes on the video, "I got you."


Morrison then shows how she pushes out her stomach so she appears to have a large pregnancy bump.

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However, Morrison clarified in her caption that she doesn't actually use the hack, instead she just pushes luggage off seats if people aren't offering up a place.


Her caption read, “I simply yeated (sic) the lady’s luggage off the train.”

Of course, the video did stir a debate with several viewers wondering if they could test out the trick in order to avoid having to stand on the train.

But, several TikTok users claimed that even being pregnant won't guarantee you a seat.

One user wrote, “Being nearly 9 months pregnant, no one gives up a seat even with a visible large bump and a ‘baby on board’ badge.”

Another user wrote, “I’ve been pregnant, no one offers a seat. Once I even had a sleeping baby in my arms.. still, not one person offered their seat.”

One person mentioned how no one would even move their luggage for her.


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They wrote, “I was 7 months pregnant on a train and no one would move. Even the ticket man asked them to move and no one would. Students had [their] bags on a [seat].”

Many people criticized the TikToker for using this trick.

While Morrison's video was clearly meant in jest, not all of her viewers found the fun in the situation. Because the woman was only pretending to be pregnant, many people didn’t appreciate that they can be lied to. 

One person commented, “It's a shame how dishonest kids are today.”

Another person wrote, “And the reason why men have trust issues.”


Many people also mentioned how they felt betrayed and would no longer trust any pregnant women on public transport.

One person wrote, “Thanks for the insight. I will no longer let possibly pregnant women have my seat just in case.”

Additionally, there were some neutral thoughts from people about this trick. Some people also raised health concerns with something like this. Blowing up the tummy can be quite unhealthy and have serious issues.


One person wrote, "It physically pains me to stick my stomach out, how are [you] doing it for so long?"

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