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Video Of Best Buy Workers Forming A Defense Against Shoplifters Sparks NFL Jokes

Photo: James R. Martin / Shutterstock / Twitter
Best Buy Shoplifting video

A viral video from a Best Buy security camera has Twitter buzzing after workers were seen doing the best impressions of an NFL defense in order to stop a robbery.

Three would-be thieves walked into the store, went straight to the phone section, and grabbed whatever they could, ripping them from their security systems and trying to flee the scene as other shoppers watched.

The Best Buy security video captured workers expertly stopping the shoplifters.

After all seemed lost and the phones as good as gone, in comes the brave last line of defense, the Best Buy staff, setting up what looks like a zone defense and preparing to take on the thieves at whatever cost.

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Before they were able to set up their impenetrable fortress, it appeared as though one of the thieves got away as he ran off the camera’s angle, but the two that remained had to go toe-to-toe with the staff.

The video feed cuts off just before one of the thieves makes contact with an employee, but it’s easy to assume that the two thieves were apprehended quite swiftly.

Best Buy has yet to address the incident or reveal the location where the attempted robbery took place, but we do know that these incidents have happened in the past.

Someone tries to rob something from a Best Buy and leave but is physically prevented from doing so by the employee.

When this occurred at a Best Buy in Waimulu, Hawai’i, Summer Tapasa-Sataraka was the employee on shift who dealt with the perpetrator and prevented him from leaving the store.

The man was attempting to get away with stealing a speaker system when Tapasa-Sataraka let him get as close as the security sensors towards the entrance before shoving him repeatedly until he hit the ground and relented.

Ultimately, the speaker system wasn’t stolen and the attempted robber was apprehended, but Best Buy didn’t appreciate her loyalty to the store and said that she violated store policy.

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As a result, she was fired. But at that point, she didn’t care, because she had gone so viral that she got noticed by many important people who offered her jobs and trips to events — most notably, Dana White, president of the UFC.

Many people have drawn comparisons from Tapasa-Sataraka’s story to the incident that occurred and are now wondering what their outcome would be: would Best Buy fire the viral stars? Or would they commend them?

One thing’s for sure, the internet will continue to give them the meme treatment.

Without fail, Twitter has already taken the clip and run with it, making most of their references to differing NFL teams and calling out shoddy defenses by saying they should take notes.

Some people have decided to take a political approach, conflating the country's problems with the problem that was solved by those Best Buy employees.

A select few actually took issue with the behavior of these Best Buy employees, deeming the defense against shoplifters to be unprofessional.

Many people brought up the point that they have no idea why anyone would defend a corporation so loyally that they would risk getting injured, considering those workers had no idea if they were armed or not, but it made for quite the joke.

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