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Woman Accuses ‘Yoga Barbie’ Doll Of Spreading Satanism To Children In Bizarre Facebook Rant

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Yoga Barbie, Facebook post

After spotting Barbie's latest career path, a woman took to Facebook to write a strange post.

On May 3, the woman posted a picture of a "Yoga Barbie" on display at a Target, claiming that "Satan always comes as appearing innocent. He will never come with horns and a pitchfork."

She continues this strange rant in her post, ending with a link to her website.

The Facebook post links 'yoga Barbie' to Satanic rituals.

The comment section has been filled with people commenting on her mental state and one comment thanking her because now she will go and buy one of the Barbie dolls.

The comments have been funny to read, but this whole post is just bizarre, thanks to a yoga Barbie? 

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The poster who wrote the bizarre rant is Yasmeen Suri who is, according to the website she links in the post a licensed ordained minister, professional singer, and speaker worldwide.

Suri claims in her Facebook post that the yoga Barbie has "5 guided meditations," telling everyone that yoga is Hinduism and how you cannot separate the poses from the religion. 

Yoga's origins are also not definitive since it is such an ancient practice — likely predating Christianity and "Satanism."

It has roots in Hinduism and Buddhism but, as we all know, it also has many modern iterations as a form of exercise and relaxtion.

"I have seen children get possessed by demons. This Barbie also teaches you breathing (pranayama). Her pet is also involved. Satan is after the children," she says. 

She continues in her rant, saying how Satan wants to indoctrinate your kids and use them for some glory and how as your kids grow, they will grow rebellious, depressed, and maybe even suicidal.

Claiming that a parent will not know what is happening and then ends her rant by saying that, 

She says, "You must remove all toys and clean your children's room of all demonic attachments." Then she ends her post with a link to her website. 

Needless to say, Facebook users came to yoga Barbie's defense.

Reading through the comments, these are all pure gold.

One commenter wrote, "I used to think the only thing crazier than having an imaginary friend is having an imaginary enemy, but this is some next-level stuff. Way to raise the bar!!" 

Another commenter said, "Thank you for promoting this! I can't wait to run to Target and buy myself one." 

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One comment that's gotten many laughs says, "I cannot believe that this is not satire!" 

Yoga barbie is not spreading "demonic evil."

Suri's strange rant seems to claim that yoga and this Barbie doll will lead to demonism; there are a lot of fallacies in her claim. Yoga is good for you, and there are benefits for children playing with Barbie dolls.

Playing with Barbie dolls allows children to develop social processing skills and empathy in the future. It enables them to think about other people around them and how they might react to one another. So no, a yoga barbie doll will not possess your child with some demon from Hell.

Yoga is not demonic

I'm not going to go into great detail about this but no, yoga is not demonic. Yoga is a relaxing exercise that has many benefits with one being helping you relieve a lot of stress.

It's ok to stretch and find a moment of peace and yoga can do that. So if you are worried that yoga is gonna conjure some demon to possess you, don't yoga is just an exercise, not some satanic ritual. 

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