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Teens Walked Into A Stranger's Home & Refused To Leave As Part Of An Online 'Challenge' — 'You Can't Do This In America'

Photo: TikTok
Kids walking into stranger's home TikTok

A dangerous trend on TikTok has recently gone viral after some pranksters from across the pond showed off a very illegal move that could have potentially cost them their lives in the United States.

Under the now-deleted TikTok account, Mizzy (@secretmizzy) received a ton of flak for the minute-long video that has reached over 23 million views on Twitter.

In the TikTok video, a British teen and his friends walked into a stranger's house and pretended to belong there.

The video opens with a boy named “Mizzy,” standing on a random commercial road with his two friends where they’re getting ready to walk into random people’s homes. They seem excited, with Mizzy smiling hard and his other two friends laughing and encouraging the situation.

After the introduction, the video cuts to Mizzy walking up to someone’s gate, opening the door, and walking through the front terrace to the open door at the top of the steps. Next to Mizzy and his friends is a woman who lives in the home they’re walking into, sweeping the terrace, and asking “Excuse me, what are you doing?”

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“My auntie Rebecca lives here,” Mizzy claims, not stopping his movement as the woman follows them into the home and calls for James — a man we can only assume is her husband.

“James, come to the front door right now please,” she says, prompting the three boys to start mocking her and calling out for James, repeating his name and saying “We need to speak to James.”

James, from the basement, appears in the frame with his son waddling around behind him, clearly dumbfounded by the strangers who’ve appeared in his home in front of him.

Photo: Twitter

“Mate just get out,” James appears to say before Mizzy asks “Is this where the study group is?” Obviously, James and his family aren’t hosting any study group, nor does Mizzy’s aunt Rebecca live there, so it’s clear they’re not supposed to be there. Not listening to the two people who actually live there, Mizzy walks into the living room and has a seat on the couch before walking back into the foyer, where James pleads with them that they have kids.

Apologetically, Mizzy and his friends eventually make their way out, still pretending that they thought there was a study group being hosted at their house when really it was just an awful prank the whole time.

Photo: Twitter

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Americans were shocked that they even had the audacity to do this.

In the United States, there have been far too many cases where people go into the wrong houses, not even as a prank, and it costs them their lives. People on Twitter reacted to this video pointing all of this out.

Mere months ago, on April 13, 2023, 16-year-old Ralph Yarl was shot in Kansas City, Missouri, by 84-year-old Andrew D. Lester after mistakenly going to the wrong house to pick up his younger siblings.

Photo: Twitter

In 2018, an off-duty police officer named Amber Guyger, murdered her neighbor, Botham Jean, after mistaking his apartment as her own, claiming self-defense. These are just two of the most nationally talked about cases of something that happens all too often — and race plays a large role.

If Mizzy and his friends were to do this in the US, many people claimed that it would not end well. Fortunately, this didn’t happen over here, or we’d be hearing about this from a totally different perspective.

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