Teacher Caught Eating A Student's Food During Class Receives Mixed Responses — 'It's Not Easy'

Was it a harmless joke or should he disciplined for it?

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A teacher is raising eyebrows over his questionable actions involving one of his students in the classroom. 

While some people claim that the man was simply joking around and his actions were harmless, others have slammed his behavior as completely inappropriate and unnecessary. 

The teacher helped himself a student’s food right off of her fork. 

The controversial video was captured in a classroom at a school in Western Africa and posted to Instagram. 


As his students sit at a table eating their lunch for the day, the teacher kneels over beside one little girl and decides to help himself to her spaghetti, eating right off her fork. 

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She appears to be confused but doesn’t protest. When the teacher stands back up, a horrified look crosses his face, knowing that he’s been caught red-handed. 


The video was first reported on by Legit who could not confirm where the incident took place or the story behind the video so without context, we don't know what exactly pushed the teacher to this but that hasn't stopped Neitzens from weighing in online.

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Some Instagram users found the video to be comical and harmless. “This is hilarious!” one user commented. “My teacher used to do this all the time and I had no issues with it,” another user shared. 

However, others were appalled by the teacher’s actions. Some were concerned about the spread of germs he could have contributed to. 


“Just imagine the communicable diseases he could be sharing …oral hygiene, oral herpes, and more,” one user wrote. “Using the child’s spoon and the food pouring back into the plate from his mouth…This is all so wrong.” 

Others criticized the teacher for appearing to have no self-control by taking food from a child. 

“A person that lacks self-discipline and self-control can do beyond this uncaught,” one user commented. “This behavior is unacceptable.” 

“He needs to be disciplined or charged to court,” another added. 

"I know it’s not easy with some people, the teacher may have no food,” one user commented. someone get in touch with him, let me help him with some money for foodstuff, honestly shaming him is not the way forward.” 


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According to the World Economic Forum, 278 million people suffer from chronic hunger, which totals 20% of the country. While the teacher may have just been eating his student’s spaghetti to get a laugh out of them, there may be more to the story that we are unaware of. 


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