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School Staff Took 6th Graders To Lounge With Stripper Poles After Field Trip & Parents Are Outraged

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sixth graders field trip at lounge with stripper poles

A school district in Michigan has come under fire after a field trip full of sixth graders ended at a rather inappropriate location.

The incident reportedly took place in November 2022, when a class of sixth-grade band and orchestra students from Hart Middle School in Rochester Hills were taken to see the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

However, it wasn't until the end of the trip that things took a drastic turn.

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School district under fire for taking sixth graders on a field trip that ended at a lounge with stripper poles.

During the course of the students' trip, the class was taken to eat lunch at Niki's Pizza, which is connected to Niki's lounge, a strip club in Detroit.

When the students arrived at the restaurant, they were unable to sit due to overcrowding and were promptly moved to Niki's lounge, where a slew of students was photographed swinging on the stripper poles.

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Andrew Weaver, a parent, and trustee for the Rochester Community Schools (RCS) posted to his Facebook page, Finding the Right Answer, that Hart Middle School students were “taken to lunch at Niki’s Pizza which is attached to Niki’s Lounge.”

The students were then “moved from Niki’s Pizza due to a lack of available space to the Lounge, where they tried out some pole dancing,” Weaver wrote.

Weaver also included photos of Niki's lounge, which included an alcohol-stocked bar, and a menu with more options for alcoholic drinks.

Another image showed the class of sixth graders dancing on the floor-to-ceiling poles in the lounge, which were placed on raised platforms.

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The owner of the lounge revealed the school knew about limited seating in the pizzeria.

In a statement to the Daily Caller, the owner of Niki's Pizza/Lounge, Agatha Kefallinos, explained that the middle school knew in advance that they would be moved to sit in the lounge.

Kefallinos revealed that when the reservation was made, the school was informed that the restaurant could not accommodate the large group of students anywhere but upstairs in Niki’s Lounge.

“When we have a group of 100, they can’t just walk in. There is no way we could accommodate them,” Kefallinos said. “We can only accommodate a certain number in the restaurant."

"Typically when we have a group of over 100 people, we give them the option of going to our second floor, which is operated as a club on Saturday nights but is closed during the day.”

She continued, saying that the host of the restaurant and the school liaison would have exchanged several phone calls discussing the middle school's lunch reservation.

Kefallinos added that it was "absolutely made known to them" that the class of sixth graders would have to be placed in the upstairs lounge.

However, the executive director for RCS chose to negate the entire incident, telling the Daily Caller that "Rochester Community Schools did not take students on a field trip to an eatery attached to a ‘strip club.'”

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