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Stay-At-Home Wife Gets Backlash For Saying Husband Will Have To Pay For' The Luxury Of Having Her Available 24/7'

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We’ve all heard of the term stay-at-home mom and are aware of the responsibilities that come with that title, including childcare, cooking, and cleaning up the house. 

But what about the less commonly known term stay-at-home wife and their own duties? 

Many argue that there is no such thing. 

One woman on TikTok is claiming otherwise, however, and adds that she is financially provided for by her husband, even in the event of their divorce. 

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A 'stay-at-home' wife on TikTok had her husband sign a contract before their wedding.

She claims that her husband will have to pay her for 15 years following their divorce to compensate for the ‘luxury of having her available 24/7.’

Stay-at-home wife is a pretty self-explanatory term. The married woman stays home and looks after the house — and children if there are any — while her husband works outside the home and provides financially. 

The woman, TikTok user @lilinkqueen, is open about being a stay-at-home wife to her followers. 

For those worried about her financial security if she and her husband ever divorce, she has the answer. 

The woman claims that she made her husband sign a contract that in the event of their divorce, he would continue to support her financially for 15 years. 



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“I tell people I had my husband sign a contract agreeing that if I was able to be a stay-at-home wife and he decided to divorce me, he would have to pay me for 15 years after the divorce settled to equate for my lack of work history,” the woman wrote in a text box over her video. 

She argues that her duty as a stay-at-home wife is a “luxury.” 

“I’ll be damned if I ever ended up on the short end of the stick because he wanted the LUXURY of having me available 24/7,” the woman captioned the video. 

She wisely dubbed her video over the tune “horrified looks from everyone in the room.” 

Additionally, the woman raised even more eyebrows by revealing that her husband does not have access to her financial accounts even though she is granted access to his in a follow-up video. 



Not everyone was impressed with the woman’s plan. 

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The stay-at-home wife received backlash from other users. 

“Luxury I’m sure that’s how he sees it lmao,” one user sarcastically commented. 

“This is so embarrassing,” another user wrote. 

“I’m so convinced some women don’t really want to get married. Just want the wedding, title, and money,” another user added. 

However, other users believed that the woman was a genius for thinking this way. 

“My mom stayed at home to take care of me for 16 years and now she’s struggling while my dad is living without any financial worries. This makes me so happy,” one user shared. 

“This is actually a fair deal for him which a lot of people don’t understand,” another user pointed out. 

Others compared the woman’s contract to a prenup and commenced her on her wise thinking. 

For users concerned about how the woman spent her days while her husband is working, she revealed that the two have a child together that she takes care of and technically is a stay-at-home mom as well. 

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For the haters, she has an important message. “Everything about me screams luxury,” the woman argues in a follow-up video.



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“Having the luxury of watching me clean your home, having the luxury of me making and serving you homemade meals, having the luxury and the privilege of watching and participating in me doing the nasty. It’s all a privilege.” 

The woman shared that she and her husband agreed to the contract since both of their parents are divorced and they wanted to avoid the struggles they suffered if they ever were to split. 

As for her husband, he acknowledges that she is a luxury in a series of text messages that the woman shared a screenshot of with viewers. 



“You knowing it’s a luxury to look at you… confidence is sexy. Always has been,” the messages read. 

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