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Stay-At-Home Mom With A Single Income Says She 'Hardly' Works But Takes Home 6 Figures A Year

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Laura Anderson explains her income TikTok

Imagine barely having to work and still taking home over $100,000 every year. Well, most of us don’t have that luxury, but some people do. 

A woman on the video-sharing app TikTok, Christin, asked people where they get their “disposable income.” One woman who replied shared her breezy work life that’s made her financial status more than comfortable. 

She’s a stay-at-home mom with a single income who ‘hardly’ works but takes home 6 figures a year.

Laura Anderson labels herself as an “AntiWorkaholic” who shares tips on TikTok for people to achieve the same lifestyle as hers. In the video, she explained she “hardly” works and amasses six figures a year with no credit card debt.

In addition to that, her husband doesn’t work, and she spends most of her time caring for her baby. Somehow she has “lots of disposable income!” So, what’s the secret? What job does she work? In the video, she detailed exactly how she pulled it all off.

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“I do digital marketing. I have clients, and essentially, I do their Facebook ads and their email marketing, but I outsource all of the work. So, I hardly do any of it, and I keep a lot of the cheddar,” she said. 

Outsourcing work has become increasingly common. Today, people even give their work to AI tools! There are various examples of individuals spreading out jobs to different people to make their business easier.

So, how do people feel about Laura getting a disposable income without working too hard for it? Well, she’s received a good amount of pushback for her method.

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People took to the comments to say she’s being exploitative for outsourcing the hard work to others.

“Isn’t that kinda exploitation?” one person asked. “I wish more business owners bragged about not exploiting people. That’s an actual flex,” another person added.

However, in replies to comments like these, Laura explained that most businesses run like hers — where CEOs pay employees to do most of the work. Though, Laura purports to have a 10-hour work month, which is not similar to most executives’ work weeks!

Other people felt that her job seemed too good to be true. They pointed out that she offers a paid course to achieve her lifestyle for nearly $2,000! “If you are trying to sell a course on how to do that we don’t trust you,” one person wrote.

Though, she released her course after this video. So, does Laura really have a job that pays so much for so little work? Well, it’s hard to tell. But she often uploads to TikTok, sometimes posting two videos a day. Content creation, her job, and her online course seem like it would be challenging to accomplish all by working 10 hours per month.

According to Thinkful, the average salary for a Digital Marketing Manager in the United States is just over $60,000, so a six-figure salary would be on the upper echelon of the field.

A Search Engine Journal survey from 2018 found that over 85% of digital marketers work at least 8 hours per day. Achieving Laura’s lifestyle is certainly possible, but it’s not probable. If it seems too good to be true, it most likely is!

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