'Poor Mom' Says Other Parents Judge Her Because Of Her Stroller

She is perfectly happy with her Graco baby stroller.

A TikTok mom describes feeling shamed for a cheap stroller TikTok

Strollers can be absurdly expensive! For families that have the money to drop on an expensive one, good for them, but no one deserves to be judged for being unable to afford it.

But what's the issue if a stroller gets the baby from point A to point B with no problems? Well, some parents still fall victim to classism with how they raise their children. One mother shared her experience during a family outing.


She is a self-described 'poor mom' who says other parents judge her because of her stroller.

Brooke is a Bay Area mom who posts parenting advice and stories to the video-sharing app TikTok. In a recent family outing to the Oakland Zoo, she elicited "classist side eyes" from judgy parents. The parents giving her rude looks she described as pushing baby strollers from UPPA, Mockingbird, Veer Cruiser, and Wonderfold — all extremely pricey options.

Some of these strollers price out at over $1,500! Meanwhile, Brooke chose a much more humble option fitting with self-describing herself as a "poor mom," which she tagged in her post's caption.


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Hilariously, Brooke threw shade in the comments at moms who use expensive strollers, saying that some act like they're in a "Vogue magazine" when pushing them in public. Though, her clap back response only came after she felt they were judging her for not getting such a chic baby accessory. 

"I feel that people are judging me because of my Graco baby stroller," she said.


However, Graco can be just as expensive as the brands Brooke listed. But it also has much more affordable options for just over $100, which is most likely what she owns.

So, what are the reasons why parents choose a more expensive stroller over a cheaper option? Well, BabyJourney gives several reasons. For instance, expensive strollers tend to have better materials that provide support and make them lighter in weight, and sometimes it can even translate to adding more comfort for both the baby and the parent.

But that isn't the only reason parents get expensive strollers; many buy one just for the brand name. Though, the site states that if any parent spends time researching, they can find affordable strollers that fit their needs perfectly!

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Many people in the comments agreed that affordable strollers are the way to go.

"We shamelessly love Graco over here. No way I'm spending $1000+ on a stroller that functions the exact same as a $300 one," one mom wrote.

Some people shared that parents shouldn't care about a stroller for any reason other than how safe it keeps their child.

"As long as [the] baby is safe! That is ultimately what matters. Graco is an amazing brand, too!" another mom added.

So, why do parents feel compelled to purchase expensive things for their children, regardless if the quality is similar? A 2015 Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences study suggested that parents purchase these luxurious items for their financial and social status. But that's not all parents! The study also shows that many purchase expensive baby accessories because they believe the quality is superior to the more affordable counterpart.


So, regardless if you're a parent buying a cheap stroller or a $1,000 stroller, you shouldn't judge another for their choice. At the end of the day, all that matters is what each parent feels is best for their baby and themself!

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