Single Mom Buys Houses To Give Other Struggling Families A Place To Live After People Shamed Her For Her Job

She's using her popular platform for good.

Rebecca Goodwin Instagram

A single mom from Derbyshire, England, is utilizing her flow of income to help other families out.

Rebecca Goodwin, 28, made an OnlyFans account in 2019.

Four years later, Goodwin makes around £100,000 a month from the content-streaming platform.

While some may see Goodwin's work as shameful, she refuses to be shamed for supporting herself and her family.

She's even using the income she's gained from her line of work to help other families in need.


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Goodwin wants to use her position to spread her wealth and bring help to low-income families.

Goodwin announced on Twitter that "the ball is now rolling with my 'affordable housing scheme.'"

She explained that she plans to purchase “8 properties outright and rent them out to low-income families.”

“One house I’ll be renting out is a 3 storey, 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house with off-road parking for 2 cars, fully furnished, £650 a month!” Goodwin tweeted.


Goodwin is a single mother of two children.

She knows firsthand how hard it can be to find housing in a challenging economy, especially with inflation rates being what they are.

Goodwin has experienced hardship before, tweeting that “the reason I’m doing this is because I was homeless and had to get vouchers from my health visitor to attend food banks to get my weekly shopping.”

She stated that she makes enough money to support her family from her OnlyFans account.

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Her main purpose in buying rental properties is to provide assistance to people who need help.

She did clarify that she expects the rental properties to also act as an investment for her “kids’ futures.”


Commenters across the internet had mixed reactions to Goodwin’s housing plan.

“You’re such a blessing,” said one Twitter user.

“This is such a wonderful and generous idea that will definitely help and benefit some lucky families,” noted another user.

“Lovely idea, just isn’t profitable,” stated one man, expressing his opinion on Goodwin’s plan.

Goodwin explained her position, noting, “I make enough profit on onlyfans, I have no mortgages so rent payments are 100% profit except maintenance and insurance, this is a side hustle that my kids can inherit.”


“I’m not doing it to make me more money I’m doing it invest in my kids futures,” she tweeted.

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Another male Twitter user asked Goodwin, “Why buy them outright?”

He offered his advice: for her to “put down a 50% deposit the rest mortgage… The 50% deposit means mortgage payments won’t be super high, and rent will easily cover it… Plus you’ll benefit from 2x capital appreciation.”

Goodwin responded that “buying them outright means I can charge what I want for rent without tenants paying my mortgage and me having to add more onto that to make any profit, I now get 100% of the profit, rent is affordable.”


She jokingly noted the number of “men still living in their mum's spare room giving me advice about the property ladder.”

With the cost of living as high as it currently is, Goodwin is taking it upon herself to offer a number of families the opportunity to get on their feet.

She’s using her platform to take direct action by spreading wealth and resources to others, which is truly admirable, especially during an affordable housing crisis.

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