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Single Mom Struggles To Feed Her Two Kids So Her Son Sells His Only Toy To Help

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A little boy wanted to help his mother who was struggling to put food on the table for him and his older brother.

In a bittersweet gesture, the boy attempted to sell his only toy in exchange for items that would make life easier for his family.

The little boy hoped to give away his toy for food and drinks for his mother and brother.

Lupito from Durango, Mexico arrived at a local store with his only toy — a dirty white and green soccer ball — in hand. However, he was not looking to buy another toy.

Instead, he was hoping to sell his treasured soccer ball to help his mother, who was struggling financially.

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Ever since Lupito’s father left a few years ago, his mother has been left on her own to care for her two sons.

Being unemployed makes it especially difficult for her to put meals on the table each night for the three of them.

While the store, unfortunately, was not interested in buying the soccer ball from the little boy, there was someone who was.

Ruben Cerquinz, a volunteer who works for the organization “Héroes Sin Capa” (Heroes Without Capes) was in the neighborhood and happened to notice Lupito.

The organization focuses on supporting and assisting children from low-income families.

Cerquinz approached the little boy and recorded their heartbreaking interaction, which was later posted to TikTok.

In the video which has since been viewed over 20 million times, Lupito says he wants to sell his soccer ball to help his mom. 

When Cerquinz asks him how much money he wants for the ball, the little boy reveals that it is not money he is looking for.

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“I don’t want money. I want milk and bread,” he says.

Moved by Luptio’s dedication to helping his mother, he agrees to take the soccer ball off his hands and provide him with milk and bread in exchange.

Thankfully, he delivers more than that.

In addition to the boy’s original requests, he adds fruit, eggs, money, toilet paper, and even a new soccer ball for Lupito in the package he drops off at the family’s doorstep.

In a follow-up video, Lupito’s mother is recorded opening her front door, surprised by the generous delivery.

She looks around, most likely hoping to thank the person responsible for the unexpected goodies, before proceeding to carry the package inside with the help of her sons. 

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TikTok users praised little Lupito’s actions and expressed their concern and sadness over his living situation.

“He is just a child, he shouldn't have to worry about these things,” one user commented. “Life is so unfair, so much sadness in those beautiful eyes.” 

“Such a precious heart,” another user wrote. 

“God bless you, baby, may you receive happiness, love and a life full of miracles,” another user added.

About 50% of Mexican children are living in poverty.

Along with Lupito, there are roughly 20 million children and adolescents struggling to make ends meet and provide for their families.

Factors including corruption, unequal distribution of resources, and policies contribute to poverty in Mexico.

Thankfully, organizations like Heroes Without Capes are working hard to provide low-income children with the opportunities and resources necessary to alleviate poverty rates.

These organizations include Save the Children, Children of Mexico, and Project Amigo. By donating to these organizations to assist them in their efforts, other children like Lupito could have food on the table for their families without having to trade in their beloved toys.

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