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Single Dad Living In His Car With His Two Kids Says He Left Their Home Because A 'Spirit' Called Him & Now He Needs Donations

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A single father raising his two children is begging strangers to demonstrate kindness toward himself and his children. In an emotional TikTok video, the father asked people to donate money so that he could improve his family’s living situation, which is not completely ideal for them. 

Since he posted his message, donations have exceeded what he ever expected and he is expressing his tearful gratitude. 

The single father is currently living in his car with his two children. 

Lucius Allure is doing what he can to provide for his now 4 and 8-year-old children while residing in an unconventional living space for the past year: a car that he is able to use with the financial help of his own father. In a TikTok video that has been viewed nearly 3 million times, Lucius pleads with viewers not to scroll past his message as he films his two children playing together on a beach outside of their car, which is also where they live. 

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“We only have this house because my dad’s making the payments on it and he’s co-signed with me to get us this car,” Lucius explains. As a single parent, he admits that it has been difficult to balance work and make money. Recently, he came across a van that would serve as a better living space for his family. 

“It has a pop-up tent on the roof so it would give me a whole room for myself,” he says. “It would also make it so that we don't have to juggle stuff around every time we do something.” Lucius’ own father informed him that if he were to sell his current car, he would be able to make payments on the $6,000 van. 

“We really need the space and we’re ready to expand,” the dad says. He claims that due to current conditions, everything is moving at “turtle speed” and they could use some help. He calls on viewers to take some time out of their days and to check out his GoFundMe page where they could donate money. 

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Lucius alleges that “a spirit” encouraged him to post the video asking for help. “You can donate to the link in the bio and that would be really appreciated and super helpful,” he says. For those who are unable to donate, he encourages them to share his post with as many people as they can. 

He adds that he is unaware of how many potential buyers the van has, but describes it as the “perfect” living situation for his family. “The van would give them [the kids] each their own bunks instead of a little seat to sleep in,” he shares. “It would give me my own room to be able to make money.”

The van also includes a full kitchen that would allow Lucius to spend less money on takeout meals and cook more food. Since he sells his artwork at festivals and conventions, the van would be ideal for him to just pull into a space and sell his work from there. 

In just one night, Lucius’ GoFundMe page raised $237 in donations for the $6,000 goal.

He posted a follow-up TikTok video expressing his gratitude to strangers. “Really big happy tears this morning!” the grateful father reports with tears filling his eyes. 



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“I’m just blown away by all the beautiful, sweet comments and all the kind souls that have been so generous,” Lucius says. “I’m just so grateful for you all. Thank you.” He includes a photo of the professionally converted green van named “Barney” that has all of their living essentials. 

Overcome with emotion, Lucius shares an important message with his followers. “No matter what you’re going through, people care, so many more than you realize,” he says. “So if you’re going through it too just know you’re loved and the universe wants to provide for you. Sometimes you just have to ask for help.” 

In a previous video, Lucius posted to his TikTok account, he explains how he and his children wound up living in their car in the first place. 

The father shares that ‘a spirit’ called him to leave his home behind. 

Lucius says that living in his car has “completely shifted” his way of living, as he is completely relying on “the universe” to guide him and his family. Along the way, strangers have come his way, delivering random acts of kindness such as delivering food when needed. 



Now, he believes that he can inspire and help others with his own journey. “I’ve always known that my story in life, I meant to be a leader of some kind and I didn’t know how,” he says. “And now I know, part of my journey is to lead others out of the system by showing them the way. But showing them how to let go of their 9-5 [jobs] and trust in the universe by showing them that they can survive and thrive from their car, even with their kids.” 

While Lucius did not wind up purchasing the van he originally intended, a liveable trailer was donated to him that has bedrooms for his children. His GoFundMe page has since raised $19,789. 



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