'Shameless' Single Mom Asks For Donations To Build Her 'Dream Home' — Some Are Calling Her Selfish While Others Say She's Savvy

She encourages people to donate by telling them that she and kids are good people.

Kara-Louise Hoppo Facebook

Single mothers have to work tirelessly to provide for their kids and must be their own backup plan. Admitting you are overwhelmed is hard enough, but publicly asking for help can be a double-edged sword.

An Australian mother named Kara-Louise Hoppo sparked debate when she set up a GoFundMe campaign, asking for 40,000 AUD to help her build a sustainable dream home for her and her four kids. The head of her “hippy family” was forced to respond to negative commenters that accused her of being selfish.


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Her request for donations to her 'dream home' budget was met with a mixed response.

Hoppo explained that she and her children lead a simple and sustainable life that includes “low impact living,” standing up against injustices, natural and holistic healthcare, gardening, cycling, and other practices that demonstrate they are environmentally conscious.

According to her, “Due to many reasons, we have moved quite a few times over the years, and the boys have changed schools. I am currently studying and by the end of this year intended to be a fully qualified energy healer and completely financially self-sufficient.”


She admitted that she was just able to make ends meet, but never able to get ahead. Hoppo was faced with the need to move due to alleged health and safety issues but was unable to afford the rising coast of rent.

Her preference was to keep the kids in the same school, so they kept their friends, and find affordable rental housing nearby, but was unable to. She decided to ask the public for donations that would allow her to buy a home of her own.

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Hoppo went on to detail exactly where the funds would go:

  • 2 8x3 ‘demountable’ (detachable and portable) waterproof structures for $20,000
  • 1 12.5x3 ‘demountable’ waterproof structure for $5,000
  • Several thousand dollars to transport the structures to a friend’s property
  • An electrician to connect all of the wires necessary
  • A ‘composting’ toilet (a dry toilet that decomposes human waste)
  • A plumber to connect the pipes and water to the home
  • A backup water tank
  • Metal expansion rods that allow that demountable structures to be expanded later

The struggling mom did a great job of accounting for the money she needed. She seemed prepared as she had already made plans for laying down garden beds and living off the vegetables her family grew. She also talked about helping others in the community, saving money, and advancing her career.


The reception from contributors on GoFundMe was positive. People were inspired by her story and the courage it took to reach out and admit she was having difficulty. At the time of writing, she had raised almost 7,500 AUD—which translates to about $ 4,700 USD—donated by 139 people.

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But if you happened to hop over to the single mother’s Facebook post about the fundraiser, it's a different story.

It all started when Hoppo shared the fundraising campaign on her personal Facebook page. She introduced the post by saying, “Hi all, I am shamelessly (but nervously) sharing a GoFundMe I have set up for us.”


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While several commenters pointed out the strength and resilience she had and encouraged her, one man took issue with her methods. He commented, “[Not] that shamelessly that your asking strangers for money teach your kids better maybe they won’t end up like you.”

Hoppo decided to take the high road and did not dignify the comment with a response. By day two of the campaign, she shared that she had raised over $1,600 and was extremely grateful to all who donated.

But after celebrating her good fortune, the distraught mother returned to Facebook to share an article that had been written about her plight, calling her “shameless.” She attempted to respond to add commentary of her own, but it appeared her ability to do so had been disabled. But per Hoppo, the “mainstream media clickbait-style” article backfired and helped raise more money.


Since then, Hoppo’s campaign has continued to receive donations, though nowhere near the $40,000 initially asked for. She has also found a “better” solution for cheaper at $33,500, something that was done due to the skepticism and advice of people who didn’t like the original price tag.

She has continued to share updates and comments have ranged from people accusing her of asking for a handout to others calling her savvy and sending best wishes for her and her children. One thing is for sure… a closed mouth doesn’t get fed. Hoppo stepped out on faith and might just get the dream home she wants for her family.


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