Seasick Boy’s Family Taunts The Woman He Threw Up On Telling Her To ‘Go Shower’ Because ‘It’s Not A Big Deal’

Sometimes you just want an apology, not advice on how to clean a stranger's puke off.

Boy's family taunts woman that he threw up on TikTok

Seasickness is for the most part uncontrollable. However, if you do find yourself in the situation, throwing up over the side of the boat is always the polite thing to do.

One unfortunate stranger found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time when a tween-aged boy became seasick on a boat and threw up on her.

She was more bothered by the family’s reactions to her asking for an apology than the seasick boy throwing up.

Fionnie, the victim of the seasick boy throwing up, felt like she was owed an apology, and rightfully so.


It wasn’t until the family downplayed the disgustingness of having your personal space violated by a stranger’s bodily fluids, that she pressed record on her phone.

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She posted the family to TikTok with the caption, “The guy with the blue towel threw up on me. That’s not the issue. It’s how he and his family treated me afterwards.”

While the boy with the blue towel, who appears more than capable of apologizing for his actions, leans against the wall, another member of the family tries to act tough and goes on the defensive.




She taunts the woman by flicking off the camera, sticking out her tongue, and blowing kisses. There is no clear reason why she is doing this — considering she wasn’t involved in the situation — but she continues on. She is also wearing a hat with the F-word slur on it.

Her vulgarity and the woman's confrontation seem to make the boy who threw up slightly uncomfortable, as he lingers in the background with his arms crossed. Yet he still doesn’t speak up.

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The family makes excuses for his lack of an apology and tells the woman she 'can shower.'

As the family walks by the woman, one makes a snide remark: “It happened. It literally happened, so.”

Fionne says “I’m fine that it happened but it literally got all over me. It’s fine that he threw up but he just didn’t apologize to me.”

“You can take a shower,” she tells her. “It’s fine. It’s not a big deal, you can shower.”

When someone in the background speaks up and says “It doesn’t hurt to just say sorry,” the family turns it into the woman’s fault for not saying anything — as if it isn’t common sense to apologize after vomiting on someone.


The girl with the hat says “well maybe he couldn’t apologize in the moment ma'am,” with a smirk.

“He didn’t know. How was he supposed to know? You didn’t say anything in the boat did you?”, adds the other.

Then finally, the boy with the blue towel says “I’m sorry for getting seasick,” frustratedly. It feels as though the boy was insincere in his apology, or simply frustrated with everyone's reactions, but he took an aggressive tone in his apology.

A final middle finger is held high in the air as the family walks away, and the cherry on top of this classless encounter is the smack the mom gives to the girl accompanied by an “Enough!”


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Commenters on the video are baffled by the family’s behavior.

One commenter writes “So many questions about the star of this video. The mannerisms were so very strange.”

“It happens?! Aw hell [no]” comments another.


“How is she gonna say ‘it’s not a big deal, you can shower’ like??????? WOULD SHE LIKE IT???? It’s throw up?????”

“I hope someone throws up on them and then [pretends] they’re being crazy for wanting an apology,” one adds.

Many people in the comment section agree that their patience could never be like Fionne’s, and a lot of them were satisfied with the mom smacking the girl for her outrageous and strange behavior.

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