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Mom 'Regrets Nothing' About Her Rude Tattoos Despite Having To Walk Sideways During School Pickup To Hide Them

Photo: TikTok
Mom with tattoos

A mom on TikTok named Madi Murphy was feeling the stigma toward tattoos especially hard when she had to go pick up her daughter from school and remembered what she had inked on her body.

Covered from head to toe in a random assortment of tattoos, she was specifically embarrassed about two that she had on the back of her legs that caused her to walk into school sideways.

This mom claims she ‘regrets nothing’ about her rude tattoos.

The original video that went viral and received 3.5 million views showed Murphy standing in a hallway alone with her back against the wall, faking an interaction with someone as if she were at her daughter’s school pickup.

“Me every day at school pick up when I remember what I have tattooed on the back of my legs,” read Murphy’s inlaid video text as she slides along the wall, keeping her backside against it.

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Despite the shame that it appears Murphy walks in, her caption reads “I regret nothing,” showing that at the end of the day, she really doesn’t care.

Do you know who does care, however? All of the people in her comments who were left not knowing what she had tattooed on the back of her legs! She never showed us, and people were begging for an answer.

Some took a more direct approach, asking Murphy “TATTOO REVEAL PLEEEEEEEASE,” while others were a little more subtle, asking “Tag me in the tattoo reveal.”

In the video, you can clearly make out a butterfly, a medusa head, and a scorpion, but none of those seem particularly embarrassing, so people begged her to show them the tattoos she was worried about.

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Fortunately, Murphy posted an update showing off the tattoos behind her legs.

“I did not realize this was going to go this crazy,” Murphy said, referring to the success of the original video. “I picked my daughter up from school and then got home and everyone was going nuts over what my tattoos were.”

She reveals that she has so many random ones and even hinted that she may do a full tattoo reveal, but said that she would show the ones she had originally been referring to in the video.



She places the phone on the ground and backs her legs into focus, allowing people to read the writing on her legs — “it says ‘b--ch please, u ain’t s--t.’”

Murphy claims that she only feels bad because sometimes, kids will read the tattoos, but others joked that she shouldn’t care.

“I feel like that’s a good message for kids.. humble them a little,” one person wrote, as another person commented, “PLEASEE I THOUGHT IT WOULD SAY SOMETHING WORSE, so cute.”

Even though it seems like the people of TikTok have her back, it seems like she’s not quite so sure considering she has to hide them at school pick-up.

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