Mom Laughs While Her 'Rude' Little Girl Gives Attitude To Hairstylist Doing Her Highlights

This stylist deserves an award for her patience!

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Highlights and hair dye have been a trend in the public eye for years now, and one little brunette girl was determined to get the highlights of her dreams at a beauty salon.

The girl was excited by her upcoming hairstyle, grinning as she sat in the chair, and then received some firm news from her stylist. Unfortunately, she was too young to get the full highlight makeover that she was looking for, much to her dismay.


The little girl didn’t hold back in rudely expressing how unhappy she was with the new style, but the decision was final.

The stylist, Kathy, started off her video by asking the child how old she was, to which she quickly replied “21”, despite that being an obvious lie.

The stylist firmly informed her that, although she would be providing some highlights, she wouldn’t be doing too many due to the client’s age.

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Although hair dye can seem fun, and the wide choice of colors is appealing to even young kids, experts agree that applying permanent dye to a child’s hair can have more negative effects than it is worth. The strong chemicals contained in most dye or highlighting materials can damage children’s thinner, more fragile hair or cause damage to their scalp. Many stylists recommend kids get only semi-permanent dye, or simply get hair extensions in order to protect their hair young.


For the same reason, Kathy was only willing to highlight some of the little girl’s hair, despite her protests and insistence that she was an adult. It can be frustrating to be told “you’re too young” to do something, especially when the child is very set on the task at hand, but for this situation and others, it is more important for their health to come first.

Thankfully, Kathy was incredibly patient with the little girl and stayed firm in her decision. She spaced the highlights out around the crown of her head upon request, and after washing and drying the girl’s hair, revealed her work.

“Wow, it looks gorgeous!!” Kathy exclaimed. “Do you love it?”

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Despite the stylist’s enthusiasm, however, the little girl wasn’t quite as thrilled. After being asked if she loved it for a fourth time, the girl rolled her eyes and sharply replied back “I like it!”

Kathy wasn’t thrown off by the argumentative voice, and simply matched her tone as she asked in return: “Why don’t you love it?”

“I don’t,” the girl simply replied. Despite the little girl’s mother presumably recording the whole thing, she never stepped in once to correct her daughter’s attitude towards Kathy.

Fortunately, Kathy had thick skin of her own, and wasn’t afraid to give the girl an attitude in return. She was able to turn some of the ruder comments into a humorous dialogue without having to redirect a kid that wasn’t hers, and overall it seemed like the two were able to stay on reasonably good terms. But the girl was there to have a service done and showed almost no respect to the woman who was giving her the service. Why didn’t her mother intervene or redirect her?


It wasn’t subtle either, the little girl was very vocal about her disrespect, and Kathy even paused to address the camera by sarcastically noting how “sweet” the little girl was.

We can hear a woman laughing behind the camera in response to some of the banter, but the disrespectful behavior was obviously never stopped during the entire process.

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This incident speaks to a wider trend that people have been pointing out, which is a lack of parental redirection toward their rude children. 

If a child is being rude, disrespectful, or outright disruptive to strangers or workers, it is the parent’s job to step in and redirect their child’s behavior. That responsibility always falls on the parent, and it can be particularly infuriating to watch other people’s kids talk back to hairstylists or unapologetically cause messes at the store, or get up to any other kind of trouble.


It isn’t always easy to redirect a child, especially when life is busy, and there are a million other things going on, but at the end of the day, the only person who has the authority to fix a situation like this is the parent, not the child’s hairstylist.

Caroline Maguire, a personal coach who works with children with ADHD and the families who support them, talked to us in 2021 about handling disrespectful children and said that understanding your child's perspective and encouraging them to consider the perspectives of others is vital to teaching them to behave appropriately with adults.


"Your child doesn’t have the capacity to understand how they come across, Maguire explained. "Perspective into our own behavior and choices allows us to recognize social cues. Their intentions are good, but they don’t really know how to tune in and 'walk in the other person’s shoes.' Your child has no reason or desire to be 'bad' or uncaring. Their intentions are good, but they can struggle with interpreting social cues."

At the end of the day, Kathy handled the situation as best as she could without help from mom, even though she shouldn’t have had to deal with the little girl’s disrespect.

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