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Best Friends Get In Social Media War Over Unreturned Food Containers — And Then Pyrex Stirred The Pot

Photo: @burr_iam, @fannita/TikTok
TikTokers Amber Wallin and Fannita playfully arguing about food containers

For many of us, there's no victory sweeter than one-upping our best friend.

Not in a nasty "frenemies" way, but rather those playfully petty battles you have with friends over totally unimportant topics that result in hilarious wars.

For instance, me and one of my best friends have a 10-year battle over whether she brought Cheese Nips to a camping trip instead of the requested Cheez-Its.

She vigorously denies she would ever commit so grave an error, but that is perjury because she absolutely did it, and now it's on internet record! *bangs gavel*

And then, of course, there's the iconic fight between two guys about whether Glinda from "The Wizard of Oz" was a princess or a witch.

These are the sort of ludicrous arguments that bond friends for life, and two friends on TikTok recently elevated it to an art form with a petty battle that escalated in the most hilarious way possible.

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TikTokers and real-life friends Amber and Fannita got into an epic social media battle over Pyrex glass food containers.

Yes, you read that right.

The two influencers, known as @burr_iam and @Fannita on the app, are close friends, and their war began when Amber Wallin's husband Beyn sent Fannita Leggert home with leftovers in one of Wallin's nice Pyrex glassware containers.

Now, depending on who you are, you're either saying "so what?" or screaming at the screen, "glass containers aren't for guests!"

Wallin (like all sensible people) is in the latter camp.

The war began when Amber Wallin posted a video imploring her friend Fannita to bring back her Pyrex glass food container.



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"Marriage is a beautiful thing," Wallin's video begins, "but it's also a horror show!" 

She then implores viewers, "Somebody please tell my husband you don't send glass Tupperware with guests. You don't send those with guests!"

Guests, Wallin explains, get plastic food containers—you know, the kind that cost hardly anything so you're not really fussed about whether or not you get them back. 

"Fannita!" Wallin ends her video, "bring back my glassware, Ben don't know the rules!"

Fannita then posted a TikTok stitch reply telling Wallin she was never getting her Pyrex container back.

Fannita is known for her hilarious takes on pretty much any and everything and calls herself "the #1 menace in the nation" in her TikTok bio. 

So it was only fitting that she totally messed with her bestie in response.

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In her video, she relayed how she had told Wallin's husband Ben, "You know... if you gimme this you're not getting it back!"

Ben replied that since Fannita came over all the time, surely she'd bring the Pyrex container next time, but Fannita had other ideas.

"Amber, I'm so sorry," she says through laughter, "but you got got! ... You're not getting it back, I done came up!"

She then hilariously twisted the knife with a message for Beyn—"the pasta was actually really, really good, Beyn, you did a great job!" 

Fannita is the petty hero we all need. 

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Pyrex responded to the viral TikTok battle by sending a new set of glass food containers. 

Fannita may have won round one, but it was definitely Wallin who won round two.



In a follow-up to Fannita's follow-up, Wallin took to TikTok to show Fannita who was top dog in this battle.

"I want to wish everyone a good morning," Wallin began, "EXCEPT Fannita. And I want to extend an extra good morning to who? Pyrex!"

Wallin then showed off a brand new set of glass food containers the company had sent her, signing off by saying, "Fannita! The rebuttal?"

You already know Fannita was at the ready with the rebuttal to end all rebuttals.

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Pyrex stirred the pot by also sending Fannita the same set of glass food containers.



Fannita barely spoke a word, simply saying Wallin's name then holding up her identical set of Pyrex containers and cackling like a cartoon villain.

When she was done guffawing, she told Wallin, "Pyrex saw me steal from your home and your child, and they rewarded me."

She then opened the Pyrex box to a panel with "Thank you!" written on it in English, French and Spanish and quipped the unequivocal best one-liner of this entire saga.

"They thanked me for stealing from you in three different languages!"

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Commenters on TikTok absolutely loved Wallin and Fannita's war and especially Pyrex's shady pot-stirring.

"Dam-nnn Pyrex playin both sidessssss" one person commented, to which Fannita gleefully replied, "They so messy!"

Wallin's followers loved it too. "Fannita watching this eating cereal out that glass bowl," one taunted, while another joked, "I want this Pyrex beef to continue throughout 2023."

And many of both women's followers felt Pyrex deserved some major kudos. As one of Fannita's devotees put it, "Please this is the best thing EVER! Pyrex is the villain in this story!"

Still, others couldn't deny Fannita's perfect execution of this absolute bamboozle. "FANNITA VILLAIN ERA!! YESSSSSS!" one of her followers exclaimed.

Yeah, I gotta go with Fannita on this one. Getting one of America's most iconic brands to send you free stuff even though you're a self-avowed thief? Fannita played chess while Wallin was playing checkers! 

Fannita, if you're reading this—what sort of ideas you got on how to win a bestie war over cheese crackers?

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