Prince Harry Accused Of Plagiarizing Prince William In 'Condescending' UN Speech

Maybe he was... inspired?

Prince Harry Accused Of Copying Prince William In UN Speech YouTube

Prince Harry is being widely criticized for his speech during a United Nations summit held in New York on International Nelson Mandela Day.

The Prince is being slammed for what has been deemed a "condescending" speech about Africa with many expressing their views as to why the prince was the wrong cadidate for the speaking role.

However, others analyzing Harry's words suggest that the speech may not have been entirely from his own mind.


Prince Harry is accused of copying his UN speech from Prince William.

Harry's words have been compared to a May 2021 speech his older brother, Prince William, gave while addressing the General Assembly of the Church Of Scotland.

In the speech, William expressed his personal connection to Scotland and touched on similar talking points that his brother covered while expressing his love for Africa.

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William explained that he was at his family's Balmoral estate when he learned of Princess Diana's passing.


"And in the dark days of grief that followed, I found comfort and solace in the Scottish outdoors," William told the crowd.

Harry expressed a similar sentiment about the continent of Africa.

"It's where I felt closest to my mother and sought solace after she died."

Prince Harry also spoke about his wife, Meghan Markle, and how their relationship developed while visiting Africa saying, "where I knew I'd found a soulmate in my wife." 

In what some have deemed to be too much of a coincidence, William had an almost identical statement in Scotland.

"It was here in Scotland 20 years ago this year that I first met Catherine (Duchess of Cambridge). Needless to say, the town where you meet your future wife holds a very special place in your heart."


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One user on Twitter, @RoyalImposters, shared a clip of both William and Harry's speeches and showed how both are similar to one another.

Another user on Twitter responded, "I knew I head that before. It isn't the first time he has copied William."


"Of course he did. I bet he'll claim he wrote it first!" said another.

Prince Harry met with protests outside the United Nations summit.

During the visit to New York, protesters held signs urging Prince Harry and Markle to return home. 

One protester held a sign reading, "Mandela spent 27 years behind bars in SA. Markle spent 18 months in castles and complained on TV during a pandemic. Why are they here?" 


While many are criticizing the speech, the Prince did drive home some important points about the need for action against climate change and some criticisms about recent Supreme Court rulings in the US.

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