8 Rules Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's Kids No Longer Have To Follow After Leaving The Royal Family

They can finally live a life of normalcy.

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Being a Royal comes with a lot of rules. From etiquette to ancient traditions, the British Royals are required to keep up some pretty strict standards.

However, when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to step away from their roles as Royals in 2020, they not only absolved themselves from these traditions but also freed their children from a life of rules.

Their two kids, Archie and Lilibet, now have a lot fewer constraints than their Royal cousins. 


These are 8 rules Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's children no longer need to obey after leaving the Royal Family.

1. They can both wear casual clothing.

You may have noticed Prince William and Kate Middleton's three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, always wear formal clothing dresses. There is a reason for that.

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Tradition dictates that among the upper class, aristocracy and royals must dress young boys in shorts and girls in dresses — it is considered "suburban" not to do so. 

Designer Rachel Riley, who dressed Prince George, spoke to Harpers Bazar, saying they dress that way to avoid looking "out of date."


Boys in the family on not allowed to wear full-length pants until they are eight years old — but Archie can wear them at any age.

Now that they are no longer bound by customary rules, Archie and Lilibet are allowed to wear whatever they want without worrying about how they're seen in public. 

2. They can both attend public schooling. 

Being out of the royal family, Harry and Meghan can now choose to send their children to public schools if they wish to. 

It is customary for royal couples to send their children to private schooling, for security reasons.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte both attended Thomas's Battersea Day School, which costs $23,000 per year, and drop their royal title while attending the school, as told by People.


While Prince Harry and Markle may not let their children attend public school, they now have the option to choose since they are not under Royal constraints.

3. Lilibet will not need etiquette training.

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle married, Prince George and Princess Charlotte all managed to sit through the ceremony without hassle. 

This is because Myka Meier of Beaumont Etiquette taught the children proper etiquette.


Speaking to People Magazine about the process, she said, "Etiquette training for the royals starts as soon as they're old enough to sit at a table."

"They are raised having formal meals, going to formal events, and practicing everything from voice levels to dressing appropriately to even, of course, how to curtsy and bow," she said. "The children in the wedding would have been very well prepared through rehearsals and even learned wedding-specific behavior and protocol."

Since Lilibet's parents are no longer senior royals, she will no longer need to undergo this training.

4. Both children can play the board game monopoly.

While for some, Monopoly is just a fun board game to play with your friends, the real estate board game can get wild for the Queen, according to The Telegraph.


It was revealed in 2008 when the Duke of York was presented with a Monopoly board game.

He revealed that it is forbidden in the royal household because "it gets too vicious."

While it would be funny to see Prince Harry and his brother William arguing over the railroads, this is something that Prince Harry's children won't need to worry about.

Since they are far from the Royals, Archie and Lilibet can now argue about who gets the deeds to New York Avenue and the Railroads — let's just hope it doesn't get out of hand.

5. They don't have to use their titles.

The couple famously rejected the Queen's plans to give Archie an official royal title and, so far, haven't agreed for Lilibet to receive one.


Because Prince Harry and Meghan are still technically the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, their kids aren't entirely free of royal titles.

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Thomas Woodcock, Garter King of Arms, spoke to Newsweek and explained that "Any daughter would automatically, as the daughter of a Duke, be Lady and then her Christian name…and then Mountbatten-Windsor."

However, the couple's children are not obliged to use these titles, unlike their cousins.

6. Both children can travel with their parents.

Royal protocol states that two heirs are forbidden to travel together, but they must also follow other rules.

If one were to pass away in an accident, the heir to the Throne would be secure. 

Prince William already broke the tradition with Prince George when they traveled on the same flight to Australia when George was only nine months old but Prince Harry is now free to break the rule whenever he pleases since he is no longer an heir.


Archie and Lilibet can travel together and travel with their father because their relationship with the Throne is uncertain at this time.

7. Romantic restrictions will not bind the kids.

The Royal Family frown upon public displays of affection or PDA because royals are required to show more courtesy and remain conservative.

According to Popsugar, the Monarch has the right to veto a marriage of a member of his or her family and is required to give formal consent.


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The rules have become more relaxed over time now, only applying to the six people closest in line to the Throne who need Elizabeth's approval.

Additionally, you must dress the part if you are to date royalty, table manners are also a must, and you have to ensure that you address royalty correctly. 

Since Archie is no longer bound by the royal family, he is free to choose who he marries and is allowed to have a non-religious wedding if he desires. 

8. They can eventually have an opinion on politics.

The Royal Family is very strict about taking a side in politics.


It is stated on the official Royal Family's website, "As Head of State, The Queen has to remain strictly neutral with respect to political matters." 

Fortunately, Lilibet won't need to worry about the repercussions in the future. 

Of course, this rule never stopped her outspoken mom who criticized former president Donald Trump in 2016.

Lilibet and Archie's parents have become much more politically outspoken since their departure from Britain so we can probably assume their kids will have no problem speaking out when they grow up.


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