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Woman Thanks Mother-In-Law For Not Hugging Her Son At Their Gender Reveal Party — 'I'm So Grateful'

Photo: TikTok
TikTok user Charlotte Downward's gender reveal

A lot of women have horror stories about their overbearing mother-in-laws. Whether overstepping boundaries, disregarding rules, or just plain insulting them, it is no wonder they are sometimes called " monsters in-laws.” Luckily, they aren’t all like that. 

One woman is revealing how she lucked out in the mother-in-law department by sharing a heartwarming video of her own mother-in-law at her gender reveal party, and people from all over the Internet are praising her actions. 

The woman publicly thanked her mother-in-law for not hugging her son before she had the chance to at their gender reveal. 

In a TikTok video viewed over 4 million times, Charlotte Downward and her husband record themselves at their gender reveal party finding out the sex of their first child. Charlotte holds a balloon filled with blue or pink confetti that she will pop while her husband has a confetti canon that will litter pink or blue confetti pieces on the floor. Upon performing their duties, pink confetti explodes from the balloon and the canon, revealing to themselves and to their guests that they are expecting a baby girl. 

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Charlotte cannot contain her excitement, jumping up and down and clapping, and she’s not the only one. Her mother-in-law, Rachel, appears in the frame jumping and clapping along with her. Although it is what she does next that is melting people’s hearts. 

Clearly ecstatic that they are having a daughter, Charlotte goes in to embrace her husband at the same time Rachel tries to squeeze in a hug. When she sees the happy couple sharing a hug, she pulls back and walks off camera, allowing them space to have their moment.

Her seemingly unnoticed action caught the attention of her very grateful daughter-in-law who expressed just how lucky she was to have such a considerate mother-in-law. 

“I’m sorry for anyone has a monster in law… because I have a Rachel,” Charlotte wrote of her mother-in-law in the text overlay of the video. In her caption, she admits that the special moment caught on camera made her “emotional” and not just because she learned she was having a daughter.

“In my previous relationship, I felt in the way of Mom and son, I was never accepted in that family,” she wrote. “Now I’m exactly where I’m wanted and loved and my place is actually respected. I’m so grateful.” 

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The moment also had other TikTok viewers choked up and praising Charlotte’s mother-in-law.

“LOVE THIS, her little circle clap while you celebrated!” one user commented. “The pullback says it all. We stan for Rachel,” another user wrote. 

Other users shared their experiences with their own mother-in-laws, who were for the most part, similar to Rachel. “Literally my mother-in-law to a T. She was so happy for her son but always let us have the moment first together,” one user revealed. “My mother-in-law is one of my best friends. Honestly, I got so lucky!” another user wrote. 

It's important to note that building a healthy relationship with your mother-in-law requires effort and open communication from both sides. Mutual respect, empathy, and a willingness to understand each other's perspectives are key to fostering a positive relationship that benefits everyone involved. 

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