Expectant Mother Destroys Her Entire Gender Reveal Party After Finding Out That She's Having Another Girl

The mom-to-be was enraged after finding out she wasn't having a boy.

mom destroys gender reveal party TikTok

A mother was captured destroying her gender reveal party after finding out the gender of her second child.

The entire incident was captured by one of the guests at the party, who then posted the video to their TikTok page. The mother's controversial reaction sparked a bit of debate in the comments section from people who pointed out how damaging a reaction like that can be.

She destroyed her entire gender reveal party after finding out she would be having another girl.

"When you destroy your gender reveal because you didn't want another girl," the guest had written in overlay text in the video. Recording the mother-to-be, she could be seen angrily destroying all of the decorations, and knocking over some of the chairs.


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expectant mother destroys gender reveal party after finding out she's having a girlPhoto: TikTok

At one point, she was even physically restrained by another party guest as she kicked at some of the still-hanging decorations, all the while seemingly in tears at the news of her being pregnant with another little girl. "She's really mad," the person recording can be heard saying in disbelief.


The expectant mother eventually rips off her sash and marches into the house, clearly not wanting to be at her own gender reveal party anymore and instead wanting to be left alone. In the background, the other guests can be heard cooing at her, while others laughed and mocked her for being upset at having a girl.

"I didn't think she was for real," the guest filming the video stated. Despite the mother's irate behavior, the other guests didn't seem too deterred and began picking up all of the destroyed decorations and chairs while talking and laughing with each other.

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It's normal for parents to experience gender disappointment after finding out the gender of their baby.

While many people were clearly taken aback by the expectant mother's reaction, gender disappointment is a real phenomenon and happens quite frequently to expecting parents. Gender disappointment can occur for various reasons, including personal desires, cultural expectations, and societal pressures.


Some women may have a strong preference for a specific gender due to personal reasons, such as wanting to experience the unique mother-daughter or mother-son relationship or having a preference based on their own experiences and interests. 

Dr. Louann Brizendine, a neuropsychiatrist at UCSF, told TODAY that at least 1 in 5 women experience "some disappointment about the sex of the child they are carrying.” When women experience gender disappointment, it can often lead to a range of emotions, including sadness, grief, guilt, and frustration.

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In the comments section, people were shocked at the mother's enraged reaction.

"You better love that baby girl and take care of her," one TikTok user wrote, while another person added, "And I just want a healthy baby."

A third user offered a sympathetic response to the mother-to-be and pointed out that someone should've checked on her. "The way I'd feel so awkward & just leave. Is she okay, though? That seems so extreme. I understand pregnancy hormones but someone [should] check up on her."

"The way I would’ve snatched my gift and left so quick," a fourth user remarked if they had been a guest at the gender reveal party. 

It is important to recognize that experiencing gender disappointment does not mean a woman will not love or care for her child once they are born, and that it is often an extremely complex and personal issue.


Many women who initially feel disappointed ultimately bond with and cherish their child, regardless of their gender.

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