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Bride Threatens To Call Off Wedding If Fiancé Invites His Female Best Friend After She Sends Her An Odd Text

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Marriage is a tricky thing, it requires people to dedicate themselves to one another completely and before almost anyone else. Given modern-day divorce rates, a lot of people seem to be miscalculating when choosing their life partners.

One Redditor has taken to the internet to ask strangers whether she was in the right for threatening to call off her own wedding after tension arose with her fiancé.

She asked whether or not she is in the wrong for demanding that her fiancé uninvite his female best friend from their wedding.

The woman took to the subreddit r/AmItheAsshole in a now-deleted post to ask if they were in the right in a dispute between her, her fiancé, and her fiancé’s female best friend. While the original post was taken down by Reddit moderators, it is still up via an alternate site.

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According to the woman, her fiancé has been best friends with a woman named Rachel since childhood and they’ve needed to set boundaries with Rachel in the past.

Allegedly, Rachel has competed with the woman for the attention of the fiancé ever since they’ve been in a relationship. While it was a process, they eventually established boundaries and it seemed like that might have settled the matter.

Everything came to a head again when the woman and her fiancé were due to get married.

The fiancé made Rachel his groom's woman and she sent the bride an appalling text.

Given that Rachel had been the fiancé’s friend for so long, she seemed like a natural fit for that sort of role, but the offer seemed to send Rachel the wrong message.

According to the woman, Rachel sent her a text which she summed up by saying, “Just so you know your fiancé and I are still each other's priority… You can't easily ruin friendships like that. Just stay in your lane and accept your place.”

Obviously, the woman didn’t take the shocking message too well and showed it to the fiancé who resolved to speak to her. Rachel’s behavior was entirely unacceptable and the woman put her foot down.

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The bride-to-be demanded that the fiancé either remove Rachel from the groom’s woman role or uninvite her altogether.

The fiancé initially complained that the woman was being unfair and that he couldn’t control Rachel’s behavior and now, the woman has reached out to the Redditors of r/AmItheAsshole for third-party opinions.

The majority of responses are in agreement with the bride.

Most of the commenters on the post are agreeing that Rachel totally deserves some sort of consequences for the message and some are even saying that it reflects poorly on the fiancé as well.

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