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An Angry Pizza Hut Customer Threw A Pizza At An Employee But Didn't Anticipate The Worker's Reaction

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A Pizza Hut employee gave an unruly customer a taste of her own medicine after she went overboard with her complaint.

In a TikTok video that has been viewed nearly 3 million times, a customer dining at a Pizza Hut records a woman at the counter, complaining to employees about a pizza she picked up. Although the entire interaction is unclear, it appears that the woman is upset over a lack of sauce on the pizza and demands a new one for free or a refund.

However, an employee can be heard telling her that it is not possible since she ate the majority of the pizza. 

An angry customer threw a pizza at a Pizza Hut employee after she was dissatisfied with her order. 

The frustrated customer proceeds to throw the remaining pizza behind the counter at the employee before storming out of the restaurant. Instead of just taking it or giving the woman a new free pizza, the employee decides to confront the disrespectful woman.

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The employee follows the woman out of the store and shoves her to the ground. 

Before the customer has the chance to make it back to her car, the employee approaches her, getting inches away from her face, before shoving the woman. She stumbles before falling to the pavement. Clearly shocked, she looks up at the employee, threatening to call the police. “You touched me first!” she hollers. “I didn’t touch you, b–tch!” the employee fires back. 

The employee then turns to the person behind the camera. “Y’all saw that s–t, right?” she asks, referring to when the woman threw the pizza at her. As the woman walks back into her car, the employee urges the person recording to get her license plate number so that she could report her to the police. 

While the entire situation was shocking to watch, most TikTok users sided with the employee, arguing that her reaction was justified. “This is how ALL KARENS should be handled!” one user commented. “It’s about time somebody did something other than record, talk and take it,” another user wrote. “Why do people think it’s ok to hit, or throw something at people, and not expect to get hit back?” another user pointed out. 

However, a few believed that the employee was out of line. “Honestly the Karen was in the wrong, but pushing her down? She’s old. That could hurt her,” one user shared. “Customers are rude and disrespectful all the time. As a professional, you have to rise above that. She can't work with people,” another user wrote. 

Of course, violence is never the answer but neither is throwing a pizza! Needless to say, this woman probably won’t be ordering from Pizza Hut anytime soon. 

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