Customer Steals Barista's Tip Jar After She Refuses To Remake His Incorrect Order

"Starbucks would never!"

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When a customer’s coffee order was not to his liking, he asked the barista working behind the counter to remake his order. When she refused, he took it upon himself to not only record her but to help himself to some of her hard-earned cash. 

While some people believe the customer was within his rights, others argued that he blew the entire situation out of proportion and disagreed with his actions. 


The customer filmed himself stealing money from the employee tip jar after the barista refused to remake his order. 

In a TikTok video that has garnered nearly 2 million likes, London Lamar records his interaction with the Dunkin’ Donuts employee after she allegedly would not make him a new coffee after he was unsatisfied with the one she originally made for him.

The employee had reportedly told Lamar she could not prepare him a new coffee since it went against Dunkin’s policy. However, he rejects her answer. “I used to work at Dunkin’ Donuts and it was never a policy that you cannot make another one,” he tells the camera.  


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According to Lamar, the barista had misunderstood his order, mistakenly preparing the wrong drink for him. The employee can be heard telling Lamar if he is unhappy, to come back in the morning to speak with the store manager. He refuses to budge, asking the barista to remake his order and complaining that she was on her cell phone when he originally walked into the store. 


Once the employee realized that Lamar was recording her, she asked him to stop. “Just like you’re not gonna make my coffee, I’m not gonna stop recording,” he fires back. He then warns her that he will upload the video to his social media platforms unless she remakes the correct drink for him. “I should take all of her tips, but I’m not gonna do that,” he says from behind the camera. 

As the employee attempts to ignore Lamar and tend to other matters in the store, he adds that she also refuses to refund him for the incorrect order. She attempts to encourage Lamar again to return in the morning and speak to the manager, which he argues is not possible since he does not live in the area. 

“I made your coffee as you asked me to,” the barista can be heard defending herself. She adds that she is currently working by herself, seemingly overwhelmed with other store duties. “I understand, I used to work by myself too,” Lamar tells her. “You’re not the only one who works at Dunkin’ Doughnuts.” 

After Lamar asks her a final time to remake his coffee and she once again refuses, he goes back on his original statement and devices to help himself to her tip money, emptying the contents of the tip jar into his one bag. 


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“Give me my money back!” the barista tells him. “You stole my tips.” “Then give me my money back!” Lamar demands. Upon counting the money, he realizes that it is not enough to cover what he paid for his drink. The two argue for a few moments over the stolen tip money before the video ends.


Some TikTok users sided with Lamar, believing that he was entitled to the employee’s tip money since she refused to do her job.” The fact that you took the tip money because she wouldn't refund yours…as you should,” one user pointed out. “She’s being manipulative and argumentative,” one user commented. “I used to work at Dunkin and it literally takes no longer than 30 seconds to remake that drink, especially since it’s iced. She did too much,” another user shared. 

Others pointed out that it was inexpensive to make a new drink, considering that in the video the employee was filmed tossing out and wasting multiple doughnuts on the shelves that weren’t bought.

However, there were those defending the employee, assuming that she was overworked and simply did not want to make a new coffee. “You guys are pressed over $5, obviously they are getting ready to close,” one user wrote. “She’s probably been working all day short-staffed. Just go back in the morning.”

“You had no right to take her tips. How would you like it if a customer had come in back when you worked at Dunkin’ and stole YOUR tips??” another user pressed. 


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Others argued that Lamar should have let go of the situation and not put up such a fight considering that Dunkin coffee is considerably cheap. 

Lamar responded to negative comments, claiming that the store was open 24/7 and that even if the barista was working alone, she still should have done her job and that she was not the first person to work solo. 


Additionally, Dunkin's policy does not forbid employees from remaking an order if the customer is not satisfied with what they originally received. “If your coffee isn’t made just right, let our crew members know and we will glaDDly remake it,” their official Twitter wrote in a tweet. 

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