Former Disney World ‘Tinkerbell’ Says Creepy Men Would Give Her Hotel Room Keys While In Character

A not-so-magical experience.

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Plenty goes on in the world of Disney "face characters" — everything from intense (and reportedly intimidating) auditions, strenuous character "training," and sexual harassment at the hands of creepy adults. 

Now, one of these characters is joining a long list of other former employees who have experienced the dark side of Disney. 

Disney World characters have reported being sexually harassed by tourists. 

Sarah Daniels is a Twitch streamer, actress, and singer who frequently answers questions about her experience as a Disney face character and performer on her TikTok page.


She recently talked about portraying Tinkerbell at Disney World and shared some of the unsavory experiences she had with male guests while in character. 

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In one video, Daniels said, "There were many moments, especially as Tinkerbell, when I had men, married men, hand me keys to their hotel rooms and tell me where they were staying." 

Disney World characters can't say 'no' to guests. 

In a follow-up video, Daniels revealed that, “As a face character, 'no' is not included in your vocabulary. You have to find ways around "no."

"So usually, if I was having an issue, I would divert them to my character attendant," Daniels revealed. "Divert the attention to the character attendant, and they will take care of the creepy dads for you." 

Many Disney cast members are subjected to inappropriate behavior. 

Daniels isn't the first to speak of such experiences. In 2019, employees who portrayed Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck each filed police reports claiming they were inappropriately touched or injured by tourists. 


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That same year, a 51-year-old man was arrested after groping an unnamed princess face character. And just this week, TikToker Evan Snead shared a clip of a female guest harassing a Gaston actor by repeatedly touching his chest.

"Please do not be that person," Snead said. "If you don't want a stranger going up to you, in public, in your place of work, and putting their hands all over you, then don't do it to the characters." 


Sarah Daniels asks guests to stop commenting on Disney performers' appearances. 

One user asked Daniels if it's okay to "briefly and respectfully" mention how attractive a performer looks in their costume. 

"Can we just avoid making women uncomfortable?" Daniels answered. "I mean, you could say something like, 'Hey Cinderella! I love your dress! Blue is definitely your color!' That's totally appropriate. But don't be like, 'Wassup Ma, you look hot.' See the difference?" 

Disney representatives have spoken out against these incidents. 

“Everyone should feel safe at work, and we encourage Cast Members to come forward in any uncomfortable situation,” said Disney spokeswoman Andrea Finger in a 2019 statement.

 “We provide multiple resources to protect our Cast Members’ well-being, including on-site law enforcement officers who respond, and are available to them, if needed.”


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