Passengers Vote To Get Woman Booted From A Flight For Yelling At Couple With Baby

Just when you think it's over, it just keeps getting juicier and juicier.

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TikTok has been fawning over a video of unruly passengers disrupting what began as a peaceful flight, attempting to figure out what happened behind the scenes of the viral video.

The video was captured on a flight from New Jersey to Georgia and ust when you think that the chaos has come to an end, more of it ensues and people are vowing never to fly again after witnessing the footage. 

Passengers voted to remove an unruly passenger from a Frontier Airlines flight. 

Throughout a series of several TikTok videos, user Lanais Li records everything that went down on that Frontier flight from Trenton, New Jersey to Atlanta, Georgia. While aboard the plane, a fight broke out between fellow passenger Mani Slays and an unidentified woman. Although it is unclear how the argument began, it appears that the woman was angry with Slays’ male partner she was traveling with over seating arrangements. 


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Despite the two being separated by several rows, they holler at each other, grabbing the attention of the rest of the passengers and flight crew. Slays pleads with the woman to “mind her business” and insists that her partner has done “nothing wrong.”


At one point, her partner, who has been silent during the altercation gets up from his seat and tosses dollar bills at the woman, who throws them right back at him. A flight attendant eventually gets involved to de-escalate the situation. “I’m just trying to get home,” Li captions the video. 

Slays, her partner, and their baby are eventually removed from the flight. 

A follow-up video depicts Slays and her family being escorted off the plane by several flight crew members. At this point, other passengers begin to get annoyed as their flight is interrupted and they beg the woman involved in the fight to “calm down” and point out that there are children on the flight, including the one that Slays is holding in her arms. 

However, they soon begin to turn on each other after one passenger can be heard saying, “Shut the h–l up.” A man in a red jacket, who was later confirmed to be named Chris, whips around. “You don’t tell me to shut up, I’ve been quiet the whole time,” he says. “If you start telling everybody to shut up, everybody’s gonna get an attitude.” 

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Flight attendants attempt to settle the passengers who continue shushing one another. “I just want to go home!” one of them can be heard saying. Chris cannot help using the opportunity to point out the problems of modern American culture based on the behavior of his fellow passengers. 

“This is literally American culture concocted into one airplane,” he says. “If everybody was really about everybody as a collective whole, everybody would work together. But everybody’s against everybody. It’s American culture as the problem.” 

However, he then decides to utilize a beneficial component of American culture to bring more peace onto the flight: democracy. 


The other passengers vote to get the woman involved in the initial fight off the plane as well. 

Chris leads the movement, asking everybody to vote on whether or not the woman should be booted from the plane. “If you can hear me, raise your hand if you want her removed from the flight,” he says to his fellow passengers. A few hands shoot up and although it is not clear in the video, Chris claims that at least 40 people voted in favor to have the woman kicked off. “I’m trying to prove a point. If you want to be a d–k to people, we’re gonna be a d–k back.” 

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Surprisingly, the voting tactic works and the woman is asked by flight attendants to get off. She curses at Chris before getting her suitcase and leaving the plane. Chris himself took it upon himself to comment on Li’s video depicting his actions. “Can’t believe I went viral for doing the right thing,” he wrote. 


The flight was delayed by over an hour as a result of the chaos. Even after the flight landed and all the passengers made it to their destinations safely, the insanity did not stop there. 

Slays threatened to sue Li over the video for ‘defamation.’ 

Not only was Li able to confirm from Slays that the fight began over a seating disagreement, she got hit with a nasty threat from her after asking her to remove the video. 



“Take this down. At this point, you got your little clout off everything. I did not give you consent to post me,” she wrote in a Facebook message to Li. “you posted this on every single social media platform. If you continue to have my face blasted from YOUR page I will be taking legal action.” 


Li clapped back with a reality check and backed-up evidence against Slays. “I actually own the video, you don’t need permission to record in a public space, which an airplane is,” she points out. “I will not take it down. I’m not the one doing anything illegal, y’all actually were.” 

She also includes a screenshot of research confirming that you can in fact record other people in public spaces without being sued. Although it seems unlikely that Slays, the unidentified woman, Chris, and Li will not be taking any public flights anytime soon. 

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