Woman Asks Neighbors To Bring Dogs To Her Father's 100th Birthday Celebration — Over 200 Dogs & Owners Come To Surprise Him

If you ever make it to 100, this man's idea is the perfect gift of pure joy.

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To celebrate his 100th birthday, a San Jose man requested that dog owners around his neighborhood bring their furry friends to his house to celebrate with him.

However, no one could have predicted the outcome and the parade of pets that lined up outside of the man’s home to wish him a happy birthday. 

Over 200 dogs showed up to celebrate Dr. Robert Moore’s 100th birthday. 

Moore is an avid dog lover, and to commemorate his big milestone of making it to 100 he only had one wish: He wanted dog owners in the neighborhood to come by with their animals so that he could pet them. 


Moore’s daughter, Alison, took to Nextdoor, a social media platform where neighborhood residents can connect, and informed them about her father’s birthday request. She was anticipating about 20 to 30 dogs to show up. 

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Although, on her father’s birthday, as he sat outside underneath a birthday banner awaiting his furry friends, over 200 dogs and their owners lined up down the street, which stretched all the way around the block!



Some of the dogs arrived at the special occasion decked out in tuxedos, cowboy hats, and party hats, anxiously waiting to be pet by Mr. Moore. 


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Their owners brought the man flowers, cupcakes, balloons, and drawings. They also signed a large blue birthday card posted outside of his home (signing for their dogs as well, of course!).

The man's daughter, Alison, said her father was blown away by the outcome, and touched by people’s kindness.

“My father, he was so touched. He pet every single dog that came through. Every person brought the dog up to him. It was so lovely,” she told NBC Bay Area. “It’s just hard to explain how special it was. He felt the birthday love.” 


“This is probably the biggest thing that has happened in our family,” Dr. Moore’s other daughter, Vickie Mallon, added. “This has given us the most joy.” 

Most of the people and their dogs who attended Dr. Moore’s 100th birthday celebration were essentially strangers who had never met him before. His family was overwhelmed by the support of their gracious community.

“It makes you feel wonderful about your community, that people would come out and do that for your dad that you love so much,” Alison said. “It was really special.” 


His family also knows Dr. Moore as a “dog whisperer” and knew the name of every breed that showed up at his birthday celebration, ensuring that they felt the love as well!.

Other people have claimed that if they ever make it to 100, they may just use Dr. Moore’s idea for their own celebrations, and have dogs alongside them for the big milestone.

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