15 Huge Signs Of A Pet Obsession That's Way Out Of Control

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I'm a major cat lover. My three cats are my best friends, and I have no problem admitting that to the world. Pet lovers tend to get a teensy bit obsessed with their furry friends, but the fact is that you've got to draw a line somewhere.

One of the signs of a pet obsession is the constant desire to show your pet just how much you mean to them. It means posting photos on social media, throwing them a party, or dressing them up in a cute little outfit.

Yeah, as it turns out, you may be a little too obsessed with your fur baby.

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Here are 15 signs you might have gone a bit overboard with the pet obsession.

1. You've brought your pet to restaurants.

Bonus points if you tried to order them food. Super-bonus points if you had your pet sit at the table with you.

2. You've been known to babytalk your pets for as long as half an hour.

Yes, we know that Fuzzy is an adorable wittle shmoopy poopy face, but do you have to tell us that for a good half hour? (Okay, maybe he's that cute. Still, though.)

3. Your home is filled with all the possible pet accessories you can find.

Catnip? Check. Scratching post? Check. Self-cleaning litter box? Check. Cat leash? Check. Luxury cat toys from Versace? Check. Specially designed room solely for cat purposes? Check. Sound familiar?

4. You might have a panic attack if you can't see your pet every week.

Vacations and business trips are a no-go without your fuzzy companion.

5. You would get personally offended if someone refused to pay attention to your pet.

How dare they not acknowledge the adorableness that is Fuzzy?

6. There have been times where you've tried to make your pet internet famous.

You believed in your pet's ability to captivate the world with their cuteness, and even sunk money into the endeavor. Unfortunately, you might need to reassess your priorities if this has happened.

7. Your pet has a bigger wardrobe than most people do.

Some people really do love to dress up their pets, but you take it to a different level. You don't only have them wear hats and shirts. Oh, no. Your pet has matching shoes, designer necklaces, as well as little claw cap manicure sets. Yikes!

8. Your Christmas cards and calendars all involve photos of your pet.

Seasons greetings from Fluffy and company!

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9. You've been known to buy clothing that had your pet's face on it.

Those guys at the printing kiosks at the mall already know you by name and know you're going to hand them photos of your pet for your latest shirt.

10. While most people have a baby book, you have a pet book.

Admittedly, this is adorable obsessive behavior, but it's still obsessive. Being a pet parent is the best kind of parent.

11. You're secretly convinced that your pet is a person.

And you talk to them when no one is looking. "I'm not crazy, right Fluffy?"

12. People have told you that you talk about your pet way too much.

We tend to talk about the things we think about. If you're talking about Fido 24/7, you're probably a bit obsessed with him.

13. You regularly plan out birthday parties for your pet.

Complete with paper hats and a pet-friendly cake! A lot of people joke about giving their pets birthday parties, but you actually do it. And you might even read their horoscope just to make sure things are okay with them.

14. You regularly fantasize about what life would be like if you could talk to them and they could talk back.

Actually, this is every pet lover's dream. While you wonder what they're thinking, it probably has to do with you refilling their food bowl.

15. You read this list and it didn't faze you a bit.

Pet-obsessed folks, unite!

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