OnlyFans Star Makes Life-Saving Discovery During Video Date With Fan

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When OnlyFans star Belle Grace quit her job as a carer for children and adults on the autism spectrum, she didn't imagine that her sex work could end up saving a life but that is what happened.

The U.K. based OnlyFans star is also one of the most successful adult entertainers in the region, previously going viral for leaving her job as a carer and pursuing sex work that now earns her around £50,000 a month.


In an interview, Belle Grace tells us that during her time as an adult entertainer, she may have saved one of her subscribers’ lives after noticing something about him looked different.

Belle Grace discovered that one of her fans had testicular cancer during an OnlyFans video date.

Once a month, the adult model shares a video chat with a special fan as part of one of her many services on the platform.

“This specific subscriber seeks my time, attention, and conversation,” she said. “Our cam dates serve mostly to keep him company but they also can venture into sexual video interaction from me.”


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During one of these video chats with one of her subscribers, she noticed something different about his anatomy, since, by this point, she had already become familiar with his body after several video chats with him.


“I noticed one testicle [was] approx. 4X larger than the other and asked him if it’s always been that big, [to] which he replied ‘yes he’s always had one much bigger than the other,’” she said. “He said it didn’t hurt, never had any issues with it, one just was always much larger.”

She claims that this subscriber is one of her best clients, shares that they’ve known each other for two years, and that their relationship has grown on a “very personal but professional level,” to the point where they are speaking every day, mostly non-sexually.

“Initially, he put it off for a while until I kept asking him if he'd booked the appointment,” she continued.

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“He put it off because he didn’t think anything was wrong and he wasn’t worried and I honestly didn’t think it would be cancer but I just really wanted him to get it looked at to make sure it was okay.”

As it would turn out, his smaller testicle had an aggressive form of cancer that had to be removed within just a few weeks.

After this experience, she has been adamant in telling others to explore their own and their partner’s bodies in case there are any abnormalities.

When asked about her experience in healthcare, she revealed that she had never really worked with cancer patients before, but “with non-verbal children and adults that are mostly on the Autistic spectrum.”

“While most of my experience deals with autistic individuals rather than cancer patients, there are moments when you just know something doesn’t quite look right or feel right and I had to say something,” she said.


She explained that aside from the size of his testicles, he had no other symptoms.

“I would always invest in getting to know your partner's body to where if something changes, it's easily noticeable,” she said. “Don't be afraid to question any abnormalities - it's for the best!”

Since then, she has explained that her client is waiting for results that will tell him whether or not the cancer spread to other parts of his body.


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