No Charges For 5-Year-Old Who Left Teacher Hospitalized After Violent Attack, South Florida Police Say

It was the 3rd time the student attack this teacher.

Pines Lakes Elementary, Classroom Anna Nahabed / Shutterstock / Twitter

Police in South Florida have been investigating a rather unique case in which a 5-year-old who left a teacher hospitalized after an attack is their only culprit.

A police report described the incident, which took place at Pines Lakes Elementary School, and a police report described it as an aggravated assault with hands, fist or feet.

However, due to the circumstances of the case, police will not be pursuing the young assailant.


The child will not face charges following the attack on the teacher.

The anonymous child is reported to have special needs and was likely unaware of the gravity of their actions.

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The incident began when the teacher intervened because the child and another student were throwing things in the classroom.

She took the 5-year-old into a smaller "cool down" room and that's where the student attacked her, the police report said.

Upon requesting help via the school radio, an officer arrived to find the women "appearing to be in a faint state," the report said.


She was reported to have been dry heaving and appeared weak and dazed.

The teacher was then placed on a stretcher and taken to Memorial Regional Hospital.

The teacher will require surgery for her injuries.

Broward Teachers Union President Anna Fusco said the teacher had to be intubated at the hospital.

"She was caught where he ran and jumped on her and attacked her with his body weight, which caused the severe injury and she will need surgery," Fusco said.

Fusco also said it's the third time the teacher was taken from the classroom in an ambulance because of injuries from the same student.

In a previous incident, the teacher lost consciousness and was treated for a concussion after the student pinned her under a bookcase.


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Fusco described the teacher, who has 13 years of experience working with special needs students, as “wonderful.”

Police will be investigating the child’s home.

The police report states that the child protective investigations department had been alerted and they will be responding to the child's home.

Parents have also expressed outrage towards the incident.

“We’re talking about an elementary classroom, a 4 and a 5-year-old, that’s crazy,” one parent, who has a child in the class but asked not to be identified, told WSVN. 


“Because you continuously get this from one student, one, two students, it’s an issue.”

In a message to parents and staff, the school's principal, Susan Sasse, said the campus was secure at all times during the incident.

"As always, the health, safety and well being of our students and staff continues to be my highest priority," the message read.


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