Las Vegas Daycare Worker Caught On Video Slamming Down 2-Year-Old & Breaking His Leg

She tried to lie and say another toddler had done it.

Elicia Miller, child with broken leg Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department / Facebook

Disturbing video footage shows a Las Vegas daycare worker abusing a 2-year-old child.

The daycare worker, who was identified as Elicia Miller, 32, was charged with child abuse for the incident that occured in May 2021 at the Creme de la Creme daycare in Las Vegas. 

However, Miller is not serving any jail time after pleading guilty to the charge, receiving only 50 hours of community service, probabtion, and a requirement to attend anger management class.


The injured boy's parents, who wish to remain anonymous, are now suing both the Las Vegas daycare and Miller for negligence and abuse. 

A video showed the daycare worker slam the child to the ground, causing his leg to break.

In the footage, Miller can be seen violently picking up the 2-year-old child off of the floor and carrying him across the room as she held him by his armpits. Miller then slammed the child to the floor behind a piece of furniture, obscuring the camera's view.

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There had also been seven other toddlers at the daycare during the altercation, who all watched the incident. 


Afterwards, when the boy's father came to pick him up, he found his son in distress, crying from pain. The boy's father said he had been told to come pick up his son because another toddler had hit him.

According to the arrest report, after Miller noticed the child's leg begin to swell, she called her manager, saying another student had been responsible for the injury.


However, after the manager checked the video footage, showing it to Miller, she admitted to lying to avoid getting in trouble.

The manager then sent Miller home and called the police, who later arrested her at her home.

When the boy's father came to pick him up, Miller told him of the fabricated story of another toddler having broken his son's leg. 

"She like profusely, apologized. 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry', as she was walking by as I'm loading him in. And I … I just kind of brushed it off like, you know, like, I need … I need to go. I need to take care of him," the father told KLAS.

Shortly after leaving the daycare with his son, both the father and mother learned that their son's leg was broken after the 2-year-old had received an X-ray.


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The family's attorney, Adam Ellis, said that the daycare had delayed getting the child the immediate medical care he needed, and instead of calling the father, the daycare should've called the paramedics.

"If the investigation were different and cameras were reviewed and there were statements taken and taken more seriously and objectively, I think everyone would have realized this was a far more serious situation than they thought it was," Ellis said.

The child's father said that after his son had undergone the surgery on his leg, the 2-year-old has had to relearn how to walk, and is suffering from behavioral changes due to the incident. 


"I've never heard him cry like that. He would shriek in a pitch that would break your heart," the child's mother said.

Miller had told police that the toddler had been hitting other students and wasn't listening to her when she tried to discipline him.

She then lost her temper, grabbed the child, and forcefully placed him on the floor next to her.


She also told police that she hadn't meant to hurt the boy, and regrets how she handled the situation.

The daycare released a statement after the incident, saying, "For 40 years, our number one priority is the safety and security of the children in our care. Immediately after this incident, we terminated the employment of the teacher involved."

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