A Mom's Brother Bought Her Son Pet Ducks Without Asking Her First & Now They're Arguing About Whether He Overstepped

Some say it was a brilliant gift, others think it was a form of sibling torture.

Woman's brother buys her son a gift that requires responsibility TikTok

You may think you’ve escaped your sibling’s torture once you live in a house with a family of your own— but think again. Aunts and uncles are getting back at their siblings with diabolically brilliant birthday gifts for their nieces and nephews. For your children, it’s fantastic. What’s better than noisy toys, nerf guns, and kinetic sand that gets everywhere? The suffering is impossible to escape.


Alexis Allison, a South Carolina-based mom and unlucky recipient of a responsibility disguised as a gift, declared sibling torture was never-ending after revealing the birthday gift her brother gave to her son.

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The woman’s brother surprised her son with baby ducks.

Alexis captured the now-viral moment and posted it on TikTok, captioning the video, “Apparently siblings torturing each other NEVER ENDS… Because my brother just bought my son baby ducks for his birthday…” 



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The video shows Alexis’ son giddily running out to Uncle Cody’s truck in his pajamas for the gift. Then, he is handed a chirping carton of ducklings. “They’re actual baby chicks! They’re alive!” exclaims her son. “Look in the box and see what they are. They’re baby ducks,” says Uncle Cody. “Baby ducks?!!” screams her son. The two are visibly very excited. Alexis on the other hand, is not.

The siblings go back and forth in a yes-no argument, but you can see in her son’s smile that Alexis doesn’t have any choice but to keep the ducks. Easing her mind a little, but still leaving her with the hard work, Cody tells his nephew, “When they get bigger, we can take them to my house and put them in the pond.”

“What the hell Cody no! You can’t just bring my child ducks for his birthday!” Alexis jokingly yells as her son and brother are already heading up the driveway with the ducks and supplies. “Yeah, I can,” Cody replies.

Alexis ended up keeping the ducks and posted a follow-up video where she revealed their backyard set-up. She updated her TikTok bio as well: “New Duck Mom by force…”




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Most commenters agreed that baby ducks were the ultimate gift and thought her brother walking right in after she said no was hilarious.

“That’s actually pretty genius,” wrote one user. “He needs ducks for his pond but you’re going to raise them! Takes all the work out of it!” Alexis responded with eye-rolling and laughing face emojis. 

Others could relate to the sibling gift-buying wars. “Hahaha that’s next level. I bought my nephew a silly string spider man glove and was proud,” wrote a second. “Best uncle ever,” a third commented. “Orrrrrrrr worst brother ever... I see both,” Alexis replied. 


“I love how he casually just walks in with everything after you say no,” added another. “Payback is coming for him if / when he has kids!!”

“At least bought all the stuff needed to care for them,” said someone else. “That little skippy walk back inside makes it all worth it.”

Whether it was a heartfelt gift or a form of sibling torture, one thing is clear: wars between siblings never really end, even when they have children of their own.


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