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'Entitled Mom' Upset Her Babysitter Quit While Only Paying Her $100 Per Week For Watching Her 'Angels' From 9-5 Each Day

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A mother reported feeling “betrayed” on Facebook after the woman she hired to babysit her children applied for a different job. The unnamed mom took to social media to rant about the loss of her childcare provider.

She stated she was “livid” to find out via text that her babysitter was applying for a job at Walmart. The babysitter told the mom that she “couldn’t afford” to work for her anymore, which set the mom off on a rant.

“She’s not paying me anything, I’M PAYING HER, what do you mean afford???? Have fun working longer hours for LESS PAY you ungrateful b–--h,” the mom wrote.

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The mom’s sitter quit after only being paid $100 a week to watch her two kids ‘who are basically angels.’

The mom explained that her sitter worked for her for the past seven months on a 9 to 5 schedule, which would total 40 hours a week of childcare. By paying her $100 a week for what would have been a full-time position, the sitter made only $2.50 an hour for her work.

“Now I’m stuck without childcare. All the daycares in my area are super expensive, and every time I have posted an ad on a local buy and sell, people have left really mean comments. I’m getting desperate. I can’t believe she’d put me in this spot. This is risking my livelihood. I thought she was my friend!”

Someone replied to her post on Facebook, stating the obvious fact that “working 40 hours a week at $100… that’s $2.50 an hour. She will be making more at Walmart. That’s just the truth.”

The mom responded that “This was all under-the-table easy money, now she’ll have to have a real grown-up job and I bet she’ll learn to regret it. She should feel ashamed leaving me high and dry.”

The babysitter spoke her piece, posting a strongly-worded reply on Facebook to the entitled mom’s claims.

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“I will make WAY more money working LESS hours at Walmart, without your WHINY kids that scream HALF THE DAY. Plus the job has benefits. Taxes won’t drive my earnings down to 2.50 an hour, your math is wrong.”

The babysitter continued with her own rant, stating, “I tried to work for you for as long as I could, but when I saw your new Lexus, and I asked for a raise and you said you couldn’t afford it… I saw right through you. You’re using me for cheap labor because I am (WAS) a friend.”

“I refuse to not be valued, my labor has worth and I deserve to not struggle financially,” the babysitter stated. “I worked a long 9 months for you (YES 9, not 7, because 2 of those months were unpaid) but I refuse to continue this cycle.”

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'You are rude and entitled,' the babysitter told the mom. 'Your kids deserve better.'

The "entitled" mom clapped back at the babysitter, exclaiming, “listen here b--–h. The Lexus is a rental.

She went on to say that while she could afford to have paid the babysitter more, she didn’t know what for — “Watching two sleeping babies and twiddling your thumbs? Forget it!”

But the mom didn’t stop there. She laid into her former sitter even harder, saying “Have fun working as a cashier on your feet all day, getting yelled at by the manager for your s–t attitude and regretting the cushy job you had here, where you could watch TV all day and do your online courses USING OUR WI-FI… Should I send you the bill for that?”

WiFi wasn’t the only expense the mom threatened to charge the babysitter for using. “What about the water usage for when you stay over? Should I send you the invoice? I made you dinner on multiple occasions when you had to stay late, should I send you the bill for that?”

The mom continued to lose her cool, telling the babysitter, “I have been WELCOMING and you have been GREEDY.”

“So much for community and friends when all they want is cash,” the mom ended her rant. But the babysitter had the last word, telling the mom, “Good luck getting someone to work for pennies, b–--h.”

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The real issue at hand here is affordable childcare for parents and low wages for childcare providers.

The debate between the toxic mom and her former babysitter highlights a greater issue, which is the lack of affordable childcare for parents, and low wages for childcare providers.

The National Database of Childcare Prices reported that in 2018, median childcare prices for one child ranged from $4,810 to $15,417. Adjusted for inflation in 2022, those amounts were calculated to be $5,357 to $17,171. The NDCP noted that those price ranges are equivalent to between 8.0% to 19.3% of the median family income. 

Childcare costs have risen astronomically since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, as thousands of childcare providers have left the field. According to data from the Labor Department, employment in the childcare sector is 7.5% below its pre-pandemic employment levels. 

Wendy Chun-Hoon, director of the Labor Department's Women's Bureau, noted that investing in childcare infrastructure at a national level could “support higher maternal employment, more full-time work hours, reduce poverty, more equality in terms of socio-economic disparities."

“Greater investment in childcare infrastructure could both lower prices for families while increasing wages for the really, frankly, low-paid workforce that's providing this care,” Chun-Hoon stated. “And the vast majority of them are women and, disproportionately, women of color."

All parents deserve comprehensive childcare, and all childcare providers deserve a living wage. The argument between the mom and her sitter shines a spotlight on the gaps in the system that harm everyone involved.

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