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Former Daycare Worker Explains Why She'll Never Send Her Kids To Daycare — Parents Only See 'What Staff Want Them To See'

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Danielle Cole, kids exercising in school

For many parents, sending their children to daycare and having childcare is part of their daily routines.

However, a former childcare employee has revealed the reasons why she refuses to send her own children off to nursery school, and explained the many things she saw while working for a nursery that she didn't necessarily agree with.

A former daycare employee explains why she won't be sending kids to daycare.

In a TikTok video, Danielle Cole, who worked in a daycare, shared the reasons why she won't allow her children to be enrolled in daycare when the time comes.

Danielle clarified that her opinions have nothing to do with the safety of daycares and the capability of the adults who work there and assured viewers that kids are "completely safe" when enrolled in daycares.

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"I'm not saying that every single nursery is like this, but from my experience, I'm just going to tell you why I wouldn't put my kids in the nursery."

Danielle explained that daycares are not always "sunshine and rainbows" and most of the time the staff who work there are mostly lazy and never want to go outside of the classroom with the children.



While working there, anytime Danielle wanted to take the children out into the garden for them to get fresh air and a change of scenery, members of the daycare staff would often refuse her request.

"There's obviously bikes, just activities that you can't hold in the rooms," she said. "A lot of the members of staff would kind of refuse to go outside because it's cold or they mainly can't be bothered."

Danielle continued, noting that parents usually send their children to daycare with the appropriate outerwear so they can go outside when it's a bit chilly.

Usually, Danielle pointed out that it wasn't ever too cold, and the children were generally able to be outside, but the employees couldn't be bothered to bring them.

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Danielle claimed that many activities in daycares are usually 'rushed.'

"When it comes to activities and stuff like that, it is very much rushed and it's just what the staff want the parents to see," Danielle revealed.

She explained employees would often do activities with the children and put them online for the parents to see, and it would look as if the children were being engaged when in reality, everything was simply "rushed."

"[They] take the photo and put it away," she added. "I would rather my kid actually sat down and be engaged with during an activity so they can learn new things."

While working at a daycare, Danielle said she would often sit with the children and have flashcards with objects and food items for them to learn, while the other employees would leave the children to play with toys on their own.

"The members of staff couldn't be bothered to do that, and when the kids would run around, climbing on furniture that they shouldn't be climbing on, the staff would wonder why they're doing it and shout."

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In the comments section, other parents agreed with Danielle's choice of not sending kids to daycare.

"I worked in a nursery, [and] the staff used to eat the food and give the children smaller portions," one TikTok user revealed.

Another user added, "My kids won't be going anywhere or staying anywhere before they can talk/communicate."

However, other people pointed out that it varies from daycare to daycare, and some can be quite pleasant.

"I’m a teacher and genuinely I think nurseries attached to primary schools are the way to go. The teachers have to be observed/attend meetings," a third user chimed in.

A fourth user remarked, "It really depends on the nursery, I worked at one and I loved it, seeing how much they care and love the children."

According to estimates from the National Household Education Survey, via Zippia, 58% of working parents rely on childcare centers. That's more than half of the country's working parents placing their children in the hands of others.

Picking the right one may prove to be a difficult task, but it will end up being worth it in the end.

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