Foster Mom Rewards Teen Daughter With Starbucks After She Was Sent Home From School For Wearing Pajama Bottoms & Slippers

Administrators felt she wasn't in school-appropriate attire but her mom argued that the outfit wasn't stopping anyone's learning.

Kaydin TikTok

After learning that her daughter was being reprimanded at school for breaking the dress code, a mom had a unique approach when called to pick her up from school.

In a TikTok video, Kaydin, a foster mom to her teenage daughter, explained that while she was working, she had received a call from her daughter's school that she had broken the dress code and was being sent home.

However, instead of reprimanding her daughter, Kaydin decided to let her have a little treat.


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She rewarded her daughter with Starbucks after she was sent home for wearing pajama pants and slippers to school.

In Kaydin's video, she reenacted having to go pick her daughter up from school after she was reprimanded for breaking the school's dress-code policy and wearing pajama pants and house slippers to school.

While at work, Kaydin received a call from her daughter, who said that she needed to be brought new pants and shoes to school. When she asked her daughter why, she responded that she was wearing "nighttime clothes" that were not appropriate for school.




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After getting off the phone, Kaydin texted her daughter and asked if she would like to be brought a new change of clothes, or if she would just want to be checked out of school and brought home for the day. "I want to be picked up, I'll do my work at home," her daughter responded.

When she arrived at the school, she requested that her daughter be brought down so she could check her out for the day. When her daughter arrived, Kaydin asked if she was "able to learn" in the outfit she had on.


When her daughter said yes, she asked if the people around her were able to learn in the outfit she was wearing, to which her daughter said yes again.

After checking her out of school, Kaydin then took her daughter to get a Starbucks drink. "When my daughter gets dress coded for something dumb, I pick her up and we get [Starbucks]."

"I got my work done on my computer and she got her school work done on her computer and knocked out a science project," Kaydin said.

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She explained that if she has the time, she'll take her daughter out of school for being reprimanded by the administrators.

Kaydin acknowledged that she isn't able to take her daughter out of the day, but explained that it is a "hit or miss" if her daughter is actually going to be "targeted for certain things each day."


"If we have the flexibility, I'm going to go ahead and use it."

She also shared that she has been working with her daughter's school to try and change the dress code policies that seem to target young girls and what they wear to school each day. "I am trying to make effective headway in changing the policy."

She continued, "It takes time. I'm trying to get in touch and work with the Ruth Project," which is a non-profit organization that primarily does student-led advocacy. Kaydin also revealed that she is involved in adult-parent programs that will allow her to voice her opinions on things that need to be changed for her daughter's school.

"Hopefully we make some headway, but for now, we get picked up early, get Starbucks, and have a nice day together."


In the comments, TikTok users pointed out that if her daughter's outfit wasn't distracting her classmates from learning, then she shouldn't have been in violation of the dress code.

"I can understand changing the slippers but my kid goes in flannel "PJ" pants all the time. It's comfortable and doesn't disturb or distract anyone," one user wrote.

Another user praised Kaydin for listening to what her daughter wanted and following through on it. "I'm so happy she has an adult who follows her lead on how to respond. Love that you gave her choices!"


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